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I'm Kai, and I'm a college student studying music. I also enjoy cartooning and making comics.
@Frostwings: (cough) I think it's plastic–
@Fire_Hoodie: that's… their hand–
Xaki may have just glimpsed into hell.

merry easter fools
(ends up getting the role from that for some reason)
@HopelessSpirit: Deuteronomy is sooooo like 3300 years ago
bitch please Jesus came and changed the law for a reason dad
Why do I get this feeling that he's going to end up killing Rudolph or something?
I can only imagine that he was just reminded of how unsanitary kissing is
Yeah, I’ve been posting this on Tumblr since last December.
Ha, very funny. XD That’s what happens when you post the entirety of what exists of a comic in one week.
@SierraDragon534: Trust me, the translator will work just fine.
@LKWayvern: Gosh darn it, you caught me before I could change my mind and take it down. XD

I can hardly figure out how to make this site work properly, its layout isn't as refined as tumblr, haha.