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Previously Lazius King.
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    Abeille Femelle
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The best big brothers
Oh no he's sexy AND SWEET
God? Is that you?
What would it feel like for her having him die and having their hearts linked?
Esmeralda IS too good for him up get you a man who treats you right, fictional book character within a comic
Just turned Lajos in to rice crispies
Awww bee naps
Oooh I love her fire cracker personality
Bee butts
I cannot handle how cute three two are
All of them have had plants inside them, soo......
Okay but he has pumped up kicks and a fresh 'do he's gonna ask you to prom then kill you
For all my fellow English readers, although I got the jist of the pager texts (Its like l33t speak in English) I looked up an article explaining it a bit more t-bell-435/amp/
Also, your j to E translator is SO AMAZING and does a really great job!
She's always been one of my favorites and although this page is heavy, I admire how quickly she assesses and takes control of situations that have hard decisions. She's a good counter balance for him
She's the best roommate/friend
But he did get part of it!!
Tommy's shirt isn't made of cotton, it's made of boyfriend material.