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A wild ninja appears!! xD
Splashpage!! :D

I'm sorry for not uploading the page this friday, I was busy with an important work event D:

As lots of new webcomic webpages have appeared, I've been working on them too so the page would be uploaded in all of them at the same time :)
I've been away on vacation (and all airlines can go to hell, god, because of them it has been hell on earth lately), it's because of this week's page is late...
Yay, friday, day for an Onix's Hunters' page! <3

Galactic power transform!! xD
Combine work with drawing it's difficult, I'm so sorry D:
Yey, finally I'm free! No more homework :D

And I will submit all fridays again! <3
Lately I've had lots of work... D':
February 23rd, 2018
Ninja!! :O
New character?? :O
February 16th, 2018
I think Raky├╗ has an obsession with cats... xD
February 13th, 2018
Cat loves water?
The title of this chapter is about this page (and other details that you will read in this comic). Yes, this cat rarely doesn't care about water. Why? Well, you'll soon see why.
@MarioKong: you've got some good eyesight! Not many have spotted that :)
First page!
The story begins! With a black cat who likes to molest dogs for fun? xD
January 14th, 2018
Website maintenance
Well, how you know, this webcomic is new and I registered on this site since 1 month approximately. Also, I'm investigating the edit and custom tools for this webcomic. Any recommendation or help are welcome. <3

I hope you will enjoy this comic! <3
It begins! <3
Wow, finally it begins! Well, the submits will be twice or three times per month, because actually I'm involved in other projects and I haven't free time for this remake. But, I will submit pages, I promise! A bit slow, maybe...