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It's the girl!! Thank you so much! <3
@RioBlitzle: Back when I worked retail, that was an absolute Big Mood
@Rin: Yep! Her emotions still influence her fire color, just like last time.
Make sure you check the previous page for the Friday update I tossed on without notice!

I'm feeling okay today.

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@dmr11: That'll be for you to decide once he makes his predictions ;) Maybe he's full of baloney, maybe he's not...
@dmr11: This story and its characters do not adhere to game mechanics! :)
Just because I'm having a depression day doesn't mean you have to! Here's an extra update this week, on the house.
@OrT: Hey, welcome back! I deleted the old comic because I was going through a lot of shit re: clinical depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and college/adjusting to life post-grad. I brought it back because I'm in a better place right now mentally (still not cured but at least I'm not wanting to die).

As for the crossover, you're thinking of Ocarina of Thyme, which was a crossover between myself and VexxBlack starring our two pokesonas (Silver the Leafeon and Vexx the Bulbasaur). Unfortunately we've had to cancel work on it due to our respective lives. Someone on SJ has a suspiciously similar comic called Far Hollow right down to the Leafeon/Bulbasaur main duo and designs.
@A pretty dumb guy: The original comics will be released when I reach my stretch goals on Patreon.
@LKWayvern: Thank you! I loved working on the background shops, coming up with stands and places to put other characters.
Hey guys, I don't want you all to think I'm being rude or snobbish by not replying to your comments like I used to. It takes energy to engage and that's the energy that my depression saps from me-- I still read every single comment, so don't worry, I hear you. I'm just.... man I dunno anymore

Enjoy the page, I liked making the little businesses in the background. Please allow yourself the suspension of disbelief and don't delve into "what are the burgers made of" and "if grass types eat plants does that mean they're cannibals". :/

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<img src=" f8QIj1x51vp3o1_1280.jpg">
this page took me 5 hours to do start to finish sketch to colors and I'm still unhappy with it but I'm so so so done and also dead inside


Thanks for 250 fans!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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Thursday's page might be late, just a heads-up. Health reasons.
This was my favorite page to work on so far in the chapter. :D

I'm fiddling with the site coding, so bear with me... the archive section got messed up and I'll get around to fixing it soon I promise ;_;

We just reached the first stretch goal (once a month, patron-exclusive tutorials!!) so now is an excellent time to become a patron and support me and the comic! <3 I'll also be releasing HD comic page PDFs at the end of each chapter... and the next stretch goal is monthly request streams. Exciting times!
@Nashew: I know, right? There was a really nice one near where I went to college; I loved smelling the fresh herbs and fruits and listening to live music.
Thanks for reading! :)

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Friendly reminder to keep your comments relevant and polite! If you don't like something, keep it to yourself-- we don't need that negativity here. :)

Next page goes up on Thursday~ Thanks for reading!

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@ShadowStalker1128: hey thanks! It honestly depends on the scene and panel. The top panel alone took an hour to do the background, while the school pages took about two hours to paint all the panels combined.
@Midnight-fox18: thank you! Nah, it's a combination of my imagination and a couple reference photos just for balance and keeping the realism there.