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Milos from Home
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if you want more pokemon comics to read, check 'em out!
@TheMewgon40: yep, prologue during February, chapter one in March
Prologue pages during Feb
Chapter One should be launching sometime in March... stay tuned....
@Sky207: About two hours
STLE's new map
Welcome to a whole new story.
@Silvertheumbreon: Depends. This one only took me an hour or so.
@Midnight-fox18: ;) I can never get rid of Luna haha.

It's gonna be different-- I've written out a large portion of old characters in favor for a streamlined cast and the ability to make each character have more weight in the overall plot. Honestly, with the changes, it feels more like a fantasy story that happens to be set in a Pokemon world. I can't wait for you all to see it!
this 500kb limit is gonna be the death of me I swear

(FAQ/general update on last promo under author comments)
News, FAQ, etc
Hey everyone. I'll be posting promo art like this for the next few months while I get ready to launch (or re-launch, hah). I might assemble some pre-production art and sketches into a PDF for sale/donation somewhere down the line (I have a lot of sketches right now with designs, new characters, and notes). Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in seeing eventually.

Some FAQ and the like:

What program are you using?
- Clip Studio Paint Pro. I'm sketching pages on paper and doing everything else digitally.

Is the plot staying the same?
- Nope! Lots of things are changing-- characters, storyline, the world itself... it's a full-fledged reboot. The tone is going to be less intense and a bit more light. We need a bit of light these days.

What happened to you/Why did you disappear off the internet for like 2 years?
- I was in college, working on my undergrad degree, clinically depressed and anxious beyond belief. I had suicidal thoughts. I don't get those anymore, but it was... it was scary, guys. I graduated in 2016 with my degree but am still recovering from what my mental illnesses did to me. The depression really hasn't gone away entirely, and that's just something I'm working with for the foreseeable future. I work full time in retail now, and in my spare time I'm also working on novels. I'm taking medication. I'm drawing and knitting (I have my own Etsy store), and I'm still here.

I've missed you! I'm so glad you're back!
- Me too, folks. Me too.

(If you'd like a little insight into what was going on, read "Eliza and Her Monsters" by Francesca Zappia. It's part of what inspired me to return. Fair warning, it has some talk about depression and suicide, but it covers the "I'm in school making comics for a living/consequences of inspiration loss and the stagnancy that comes from that lack of spark" that hit me really close to home.)
@TheMewgon40: I'm on medication now, but working full time retail takes its toll now and again. Thanks for the nice reply. I still have really bad days but I'm slowly getting better (I'm better enough to come back here, haha)
@TheMewgon40: Clinical depression, suicidal inclination, anxiety, and college/graduation.
@WildfireK: please don't RP in the comments :/
@WildfireK: Clip Studio Paint Pro