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Freelance author and illustrator.

aro/ace | she/her demigirl

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@SheepMomther: hee heee heee......

@Machamrick11: you are without a doubt the sweetest human being on the planet
I'm really curious to know who's been keeping track of background characters, for.... reasons.

Thanks for reading! :) Getting back to normal after travels and commissions.
You can find my recent art at Twitter and deviantART! Been drawing lots of dragons and miscellaneous fanart lately.
thank you thank you thank you!!!

I drew a little fake anime screenshot of what Ziggy and Marge are up to while the rest of the chapter is going on. :P

My commissions and owed art queue is almost done! Thanks for your patience and love <3
I made a news post about it, but pages have been delayed because of commission work-- I work as a freelance illustrator, so commissions are my primary source of income and take precedence over pages. I've also been playing catch-up with patreon content since I've been traveling! Good god. But hey, I got this page done this week, and if my shoulder and my life behave I should be able to get back to a vaguely normal schedule? Without burning out? Hhaha

Thanks for reading! <3 If you want to make my day, leave a comment with what you enjoy about the comic!
skjjghkdgkd he can have them!!
Thanks for your patience! My July is a little busy (out of town this Thursday through next week; zine pieces to finish by the 31st; commission backlog) but I've got a new page for you!

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out the awesome new fanart when you get a chance!
I'm love <33333 congrats!! you earned it c:
I don't comment often enough but your shading/lighting is so gorgeous!!!
@somerandomguynumber1: They are a powerful squadron of friends
Edit: adjusted dialogue based on feedback. Thank god this isn't the old version drawn all on paper where editing text involved careful use of the clone stamp to replicate colored pencil dlkgjdslk

Thanks for reading!
thanks for your patience; been slow this week from mental exertion and a migraine that knocked me out the entire day Tuesday.
Late update this week but please enjoy this animatic I'm working on:
@Silver Eevee: nick blackglasses E T E R N A L
@Sparrow726: That means so much to me hearing that! <3
Thanks for your patience; I hurt my drawing shoulder and rested it for most of last week, hence the skipped update. Updates will be a little slow while I try not to overwork my muscles again.

Beautiful new fanart by mcasowl, Saturn-Stardust, and ShadowStalker! Also, On Borrowed Time is a new affiliate! Go check them out <3

Reader poll: what's your favorite part of the story so far?