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Freelance artist and author. Currently working on fantasy stories for YA and young reader.

Available for commission!
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@ShadowStalker1128: pricker bushes are hell on earth
and thank you <3
@RioBlitzle: I was *this* close to having that be the alt text
Thanks for reading! Depression has me again but hey, these things happen.

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I have a dA again
@Ventimon: Hey thanks! I really like painting nature scenes, so I'm glad the color palette is working well :)
Bonus page!
Don't worry, we'll come back to Nick & co later... time to check in on a different part of the woods. ;)
Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for all your kind words!! <3 I'm gonna post a bonus page this Thursday since I got one finished earlier than expected <3
Thanks for reading! Who's your favorite character so far? (Bonus points for why!)

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That's such a cute design!
Prologue Page 3 has been edited to reflect story changes...
@Nashew: my poor son
@Ventimon: It is! Her new name is Lu and she's a girl! :)
Nothing like a race through the woods on a pleasant early autumn day, eh, Nick?

I've updated the Fanart page to include some beautiful new sketches! Check em out! :)

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@Nashew: hee hee hee, foiled again >:)
@Zirilon: <3 Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words <3 It's only gonna get better!
Ch 2 starts SEPTEMBER 3
In the meantime, here's the cover! Come back next week! :)

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Commissions are also open!
I forgot to mention this earlier but I love the subtle texture you've overlaid on these pages!
@Umbreon5456: That's okay! I didn't make a news announcement (and won't until I have chapter 2 ready to go, so not until early or mid-September)