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Freelance artist and author. Currently working on fantasy stories for YA.

Available for commission!
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So many beautiful boys
@Guest: My webcomic!
@Glameow: Making a SJ account is free, as is deviantART! You can upload your picture there and then send it in. :)
Lu's here to save the day! Sort of.

Nick's got the geologist's inner senses... sometimes you see a rock and you just gotta Touch It. Speaking from experience :P

Thanks for reading! Make sure to enter the contest if you want exclusive art prints and prizes! :)

---- The Usual ----
10th Anniversary ART CONTEST!!
Patreon and Ko-Fi! Streaming tonight for $5 patrons, and ko-fi donations get you a free tile drawing :0
@Umbreon5456: It's lichen; Nick mentions it in panel 2. It just looks white because it's dry and malnourished, as is the rest of this section of forest.
@Silver Eevee: Or if something takes it off first :)
@Umbreon5456: Nnnope, Deepwood Forest is in the southern half of Erresuma (see world map in the menu bar). It's still mid-autumn in the comic, so snow won't fall for another while yet. Icy rock is up in the Freeze, a tundra area way in the north part of the map.
@9rainbowtails: Chekhov's mossy rock ;)
@Ventimon: Thanks! That was the intention with the color choices for this scene :) Golden brown contrasted against desaturated brown-gray and green-gray.
@Plushy: Thank you, but not at this time.
Everything's fine, Nick :) You just happened to touch something you really, really shouldn't have. Curiosity killed the fox, I guess.

---- The Usual ---
10th Anniversary ART CONTEST
Patreon and Ko-Fi~! <3 Getting close to computer wallpaper goal on Patreon, and I'll draw mini tile sketches for Ko-Fi donations!
Thanks so much!! Here's a Callie <3
Regular page goes up Monday as usual.

Patreon and Ko-Fi
The shading is absolutely stunning! <3
@MacBoston11: Nope. Thank you for asking.
@Silver Eevee: Thank you! I'm trying to remember to treat panels like cameras and vary my shots
@RioBlitzle: damn yours is so much better
Spooky vibes for Halloween week ;)

I've got a couple pages sketched and will manically try to finish a buffer before November starts. The advantage of this scene is it's a far more limited color palette and just one character to worry about, so they shouldn't take me as long as the earlier Kyanite pages last chapter.

How are we at 41 pages already? Time flies, huh o0"

10th Anniversary ART CONTEST
Patreon and Ko-Fi~! <3
@Aura9301: oh ya babey

here's a glimpse: roject-from-high
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: To be fair, the Puni music is a jam