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@Thunder Wolf600: Hey thanks! If you click the heart at the bottom of the page and favorite it on SmackJeeves, it'll alert you when a new page goes up!
@NicheDevotee: He didn't serve any purpose once I rewrote the story.
@mystic: Hey, thanks! It's different than what you'd remember, but back and better than ever <3 I've cut out a fair number of old characters (Sol, Blitz, Xenon, Amber and Niche, Shadow, lots of background/tertiary characters) just FYI
@TheMewgon40: Thanks! She's based on the Arcanine I raised in my second FireRed file.
Not happy with this page but it's time I actually finish one to upload (depression is better this week, but guess who has a nasty cold! womp womp)

Put up some exclusive art on Patreon...
Might not be a page until late next week. Depression's really kicking my ass.
No page this week
My relatives have been in town, leaving me too drained to work on a page all last week (being dragged around to do things was fun at first but not when it deprived me of a few days at home to draw).

Enjoy this placeholder in the meantime-- I'm so grateful for all the old fans coming out of the woodwork to support the comic again, and all the new fans here as well! :)

The full-resolution transparent png of these guys' headshots is available on my Patreon <3
My relatives are visiting this week and I haven't had the chance to work on page 20-- and I won't be able to start lining it until Monday at the earliest.

Late update week of 6/3. Thanks for understanding.
@EeveeEon: The Child Does Go
I don't really like this page but :/ hey at least I have a page set in advance for once. Enjoy, come back next week for more stupid decisions Nick & co make because they're all some spectrum of good-aligned citizens.

Support on Patreon; I just released a tutorial there and we're getting close to the sketch request stream goal!
@12AbbyRainbow: ....yes it does? It's tinged with red. It's subtler, but it's there.
@RioBlitzle: She is! Meteor's her nickname, in-comic her first name is Marge :) I'm going to be using some of my old teams as background characters throughout the story!
@Ventimon: He and Marge are both on the cast page now-- they'll pop in now and again during scenes in Kyanite. :)
Depression's at it again, but here's a page anyway!!

Check out the Fanart page if you haven't already! There's beautiful art by beautiful friends! Want to contribute? Shoot me a PM with a link to your art!

Support the comic on Patreon or contact me for commissions!
Late update again. Depression.
Shoutout to WriterRaven for covering STLE's return in the recent Pokemon Crossroads art community article!
@ScienceGamer01: All will be revealed in time. ;)
@WriterRaven: Aw thanks! He sells shave ice on the streets from his little cart :)

In case folks don't know, I'm gonna be updating a little sporadically during May because my plate is full with some other work.

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@Ventimon: Simple: he has no fire.