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Freelance artist and author. Currently working on fantasy stories for YA and young reader.

Available for commission!
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@Ventimon: she sure dives into problems head-first eh
@AssaultBird2454: Oh naturally haha
And thank you!! :) <3
@RioBlitzle: oh thank you! <3 I love painting forests and natural environments, which is good because a solid chunk of the story will take place out in the wilderness
Thanks for reading! :)

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@Ventimon: I'm so glad that worked! Always a good moment when a reader enjoys a characterization moment that was executed well. C:

Reece is so good. He's been a perennial favorite since the first iteration tbh
@TheMewgon40: Careful-- Callie (Absol) has normal eyes. You'll want to pay attention to the Dragonair, Zaira, along with the Murkrow and Lopunny.
@TerrytheTeryx: Nah, if I was gonna draw a relic fragment it'd be way more detailed (like how Woo draws it in OBT). I spent some time coming up with this symbol, too.
@AuraBraixen: It's not.
Thanks for the birthday wishes! <3

Something about that talisman seems familiar... and I'm sure I've seen those eyes somewhere before.... might just be my imagination. ;)

Patrons got a livestream Sunday night and saw some upcoming pages sketched!
Your expression and pose work is always so nice! :)
@LKWayvern: damn right!! B)
@DarkFlameOSecrets: goodness gracious, well that's not how I'm using it! :)
@Ventimon: Nope; Callie's permanently half-mega, hence her wings and fluffier fur. And maybe! ;)
@NikuComics: They can in my world! ;)
Tomorrow (Oct. 3) is my birthday. I'll be 24, which is crazy to think about.

Thanks for your patience. Pages might be a little late moving forward because of brain stuff. I'll try and have pages reliably on Monday but it could slip to Tuesdays like today.

Getting close to computer wallpaper rewards on Patreon, plus anyone in the $5+ tier gets a sketch request each month
@Silver Eevee: yeah go for it!!!
he strikes me as a Simon for some reason
Thank you all so much!!
@TerrytheTeryx: Take a closer look-- Callisto doesn't have any white whiskers, and her eyes are different ;)