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Freelance author and illustrator.

aro/ace | she/they

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@Sparrow726: thank you! I'd been doing some more plotting for the later chapters and realized the prologue no longer fit the theme and direction the story was taking-- glad you're excited to see what's down the road, bc I'm excited to tell it! :)
I absolutely love your art style, and I'm so happy to see a Colosseum comic out there! I've been recommending this to all my friends who've played the Orre games-- can't wait to see what you have planned! :)
thanks for reading! PROLOGUE HAS BEEN UPDATED! Please make sure to reread those!
@Troy8140: oh god, I literally cannot imagine myself at 50! Glad life gets better with age, haha! Thanks for the kind words! :)
@cloudpool: thank you so much! That panel was my favorite to paint :)
Hollis is too good for this world
Thanks for the birthday wishes! Being 25 is weird, lol. Commission queue is almost done, so I should be able to update more consistently... I say, when NaNoWriMo is right around the corner!

Thanks for reading! You can find me on dA and Twitter as well.
@darth deebious the wise: thank you for the birthday wish :)
@Flamel: Thank you! And thank you once more-- I'm glad the scene transition here moved fluently
@Jellyblob: Thank you! I'm planning on going out to dinner so I know that'll be good :)
@Flame Shadow: I would drag you to get tea every morning in exchange for getting dragged on hikes every other morning
A local map of the town and surrounding landscape! Harmony is a coastal town surrounded by salt marsh to the northwest, mixed forest along the west, and a saltwater bay to the east that funnels into the ocean. Can you spot all the pokemon on the map? There's quite a lot!

I did the inks on this and Flame did a fantastic job coloring it. You can't tell the scale from here but this paper... y'all it's big.
@Gamegod018: Thank you! I will!
@cloudpool: thank you! :3 I enjoy painting them so I'm glad they're appreciated!
Thanks for your patience; been swamped with work lately and I have to make sure I don't injure my shoulder more.

My birthday's on Thursday! That'll be fun I hope

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out the fanart and extras which have been updated!
@cloudpool: Oh you're in luck because I have a bachelor's degree in geology
@M.W: Pegmatites are real! They're known for having large crystals and unusual mineral types!
@WriterRaven: He's a hoarder, so Yes Very Much So