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Freelance artist and author. Currently working on short stories and a YA fantasy novel.
Available for commission!

Ko-Fi & Patreon @silverlunarwing
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Aaaaand I'm alive. Phew. Next page might take a bit, since we're changing scenes and I'll need to do a quick color study for lighting and environment. I just want to be done with this chapter.............,,,

Finally, we're out of the woods, just like Taylor Swift said we'd be. Are we in the clear yet? That remains to be seen...

Patreon is 91% to TWO EXTRA UPDATES a month! Holy cow. Even $1 unlocks all sorts of tutorials, sketches, spoilers, and more... worth it to check out if you've got a spare minute.
Ko-Fi can get you some cheap drawings, otherwise there's Commissions always available.
I love this page. :)
Happy solstice!

Updates will most likely slow for a few weeks-- I'll make a filler page if it does-- due to family visiting and my medical procedure scheduled for early January. It's been difficult building a buffer. Thanks for being patient.

If you'd like to help me out with medical costs and stuff:
Patreon is nearing its next stretch goal (2 extra updates/month!)
Ko-Fi has cheap tile drawings
Commissions are gonna be open for a long while yet
@Ventimon: got that Ghibli hair raising going on
@venami: then my soul can rest, knowing current!Silver has surpassed past!Silver
Lu's got some anxiety complexes to work through, poor girl

Patreon is 75% towards the next goal which is 2 extra updates a month, and you can get cheap drawings at my Ko-Fi (or you can commission me if you want)
Thanks for reading! :) <3
@Dovahquill: Monday is when the comic updates, so check back then. I've got at least 10 chapters planned.
Congrats to the winners of the 10th anniversary contest: mcasowl, MRZoet, and assrat! Thanks again to everyone who entered!

The end times? Yikes, that sounds bad, but I'm almost certain we've heard that somewhere else before...

I'm trying to keep updates regularly but I've still got this infection and I actually have a medical procedure scheduled for early January, so. lmao. we'll see

Patreon is 75% towards the next goal which is 2 extra updates a month, and you can get cheap drawings at my Ko-Fi (or you can commission me if you want)
@Volt the fox :3: Thank you; Eclipse is female.
Thanks for your patience. Be sure to VOTE for your favorite contest entry before the 8th!

Patreon and Ko-Fi!
Even $1 on Patreon unlocks tons and tons of sketches, tutorials, and writing.... and helps support me with student loans and med stuff.
c'mon folks let's get this bread
@M.W: you even slyer dog
@venami: you sly dog
Thanks for reading! ***No page next week*****

---- The Usual ----
10th Anniversary ART CONTEST!! Deadline NOV 30!!
Patreon and Ko-Fi!
So many beautiful boys
Lu's here to save the day! Sort of.

Nick's got the geologist's inner senses... sometimes you see a rock and you just gotta Touch It. Speaking from experience :P

Thanks for reading! Make sure to enter the contest if you want exclusive art prints and prizes! :)

---- The Usual ----
10th Anniversary ART CONTEST!!
Patreon and Ko-Fi! Streaming tonight for $5 patrons, and ko-fi donations get you a free tile drawing :0
@Umbreon5456: It's lichen; Nick mentions it in panel 2. It just looks white because it's dry and malnourished, as is the rest of this section of forest.
@Silver Eevee: Or if something takes it off first :)