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Freelance artist and author. Currently working on short stories and a YA fantasy novel.
Available for commission!

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those book titles are amazing omfg
I almost didn't get this done on time because I've been so busy and also with a fluctuating mood rip

The blackglasses are an homage to the old!STLE where Nick had a pair and I immediately decided never to draw them again. Also, the band in the first panel is from September 2018's patreon print, featuring Jesse and the Oshawotts frontlining the Fire Festival flyer!

The Fanart page has great new art!

see you next week? I've got a lot of work so maybe not

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@zetina: I do it sometimes (and will for certain objects/situations) but I prefer using paint for this comic. Future projects are going to use a different style (ex. flat color with minimal/cel shading, all ink, etc).
The high-res painting is up for patrons <3

Thanks for your support, see you next week probably. #depression

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my longhair, Cavalier!

He's much older than Katya and is extremely patient. He's essentially her older brother and helps guide her around the house, letting her grab on to the long fur on his tail to lead her from room to room. He's a huge sweetheart and loves to lay around on anything soft. Katya will tug on his fur and ears but he doesn't care.
my red glass-eye!

She's young and excitable, but because of her poor eyesight she often barks at blank walls or wags her tail at plants thinking they're people. She gets confused and scared when she can't sense Cavalier around.
@ShadowStalker1128: Thank you! <3 It's funny, I started this chapter right as the leaves around me were turning for autumn, and by the time it's done we're still in autumn in-comic but it's spring!
@Spatan98: Get ready for disappointment, then, because I don't play Persona lol
@Nashew: she's used to the warmer climate in Pyre, where there's succulents and stuff-- not this kind of pollen! Her spring allergies are so bad she sneezes every other sentence
Doodled a little Katya in colored pencil c:
@RioBlitzle: thank you rio you're the only valid one this april fool's
Chapter 2 is over! Might take a short break while I get ch3 scripted and thumbnailed, but we'll be back soon enough. I highly recommend taking this time to re-read the comic up to this point to refresh your memory on the current stakes and world, because chapter 3 is going to expand on that.

If you're a patron, you're getting HD chapter PDFs and exclusive livestreams this week showing behind the scenes and the comic process. If you read these notes put a smiley face in your comment if you leave one. Lots of good stuff there!

Thanks for reading! Hope you're enjoying the story. :)

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Chapter two is almost over! Thanks for sticking with it!

Pages are up early for patrons btw if you don't want to wait for the once a week updates. Just to test who reads these, comment below with your favorite character. The next stretch goal is two extra updates a month, which would be awesome and make the story go by a lot faster! ;)

Swing on by the Patreon for exclusive spoilers, Q&A, and other STLE art! The monthly request stream is coming up <3

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@Midnight-fox18: me at the garden center
@WriterRaven: she's Everywhere.....
@WiispNightmare: No worries no big deal just seeing ghosts it's all good