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Designer, coffe dipendent, comics, comics and comics.

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@Guest: thank you ^^ in this moment i'm drawing one spin off of DG, finish it i'll start the second part of dg ;)
@LightEclipse: thank you ^^ i have already start a spin off connected with DG, when i'm in a good point i'll publish here too ;)
Dimensional Gate is finally complete. thank you for everyone follow me until there, i'm sorry for the grammar mistake and i hope you liked DG :) see you soon.
@LightEclipse: finally i have time to see and reply °^°
thanks for all your correct ;) when i have a moment i fix all.
and thanks :) i do fog with airbrush ;)
@Nosh Ware: unfortunately I'm not good with English, so I use online translators and I try to create phrase with sense. but i wrong grammar really often. this is why I ask readers that if they see grammatical errors, do not make problems to correct them and i fix it :)
@LightEclipse: your grammar correcter can coming out everytime you want XD it's really helpful for me someone that can help me ;) sure now i fix XD thank you for all ;P
@Neolancer: umh.... maybe ;)
@Neolancer: acc i've wrong write °^° thank you, i fix it ;)
@Neolancer: lucario was different in mewtwo memories ;)
tomorrow there are my b-day
happy b-day to me :3 thanks for all your support
Ahah right XD
Umh i'll look and i'll fix if it's wrong :)
@LightEclipse: you are my savior XD i fix it ;) thank you.