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Well, im mexican i play videogames since my 6th christmas i start with Donkey Kong 64, with teh comics and book when i was 10 years, now i grow up and still play and read my favorites videogames franchises are
Shin Megami Tensei, Etrian odyssey, Zelda, Mario, Fire Emblem, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts
The comics i read are from
DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse
the Mangas
One Piece, Shingeki no Kyojin, Gintama, Hajime no Ippo
the Books
Well i read basically everthing that some friend recomend to me with the emotion on his eyes
My FC On the 3ds
  • Real Name
    Fabian Gómez
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we need an app for smackjeeves
o damn thank you for continiue with the history is amazing i wish that sabrina dont kill anyone
about to start my nuzlcoke hope dont die on first combat, it happens sometimes
Oh Thanks this really make my day a lot happier, im glad that you are still making this comic is amazing and even if i dont wanna wait, i can do it as long as i know tath your still doinit