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I poop a lot.
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So nice! I love it Santa, you made her look so cute and sweet! Thank you santa!
@jazselup101: Thank you jazselup101! I love it
@maelstrom51210: Secret santa here! I'm glad you like it, Demon king being both spooky and in black and white instantly made me think of Betty Boop.
Wonder who did this one, could be anybody! Fantastic work santa!
I think I know who did this one! Very nice work santa!
Santa put in some overtime! these look great!
Oh my goodness Santa, this is so cute! Thank you, you made her look great!
This was the most hilarious read!
Merry Christmas Armaturkey! late reveal, but I was your Santa this year, and it was a delight reading your comic. A shadow vampire is such and edgy concept, and seeing it mostly played for comedy is brilliant! Much love my dude!
Thank you so much Santa! I can't tell you how much I love this, the attention to detail is spectacular! This is amazing gift!
@ShinigamiMaxwell: Lol no sweat, you did a great job!
I can attest that Karaoke with Hank is literally the best!
Awesome! Ponies! Thank you Santa, also I don't know if it's a solid idea for Secret Santa's to sign their gifts, but I still love it!