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Probably to get power.
So I've got a theory here. First off if you look in the back of the picture in the last panel behind the person all the way to the left there is a person who seems to be uncovering/covering their face. This person is also the 5th person in the mural, which I didn't realize till I figured out there was another person. And I've seen a lot of you say the one in the center back looks familiar, and I agree but I'd like to point out at they all look familiar. If you go back to chapter 21 'Friends' pages '7-8' there are 5 people on those pages that seem to be a mystery to us. But if you look back at the mural something, at least to me seems to jump out. Let's start with the one center and back in the mural, the person is deffentaly the same as the one about to be killed in Assistant's dream. Now let's talk about the two next to her in the mural. The one to the left is strikingly similar to the one who begs the 'dark Overlord' to stop in the 'Friends' pages(we'll call her yellow for now). The one to the right is very familiar to the one who is to the right and behind yellow on the 'Friends' pages. Now yes, the hair is different, but taking what we know about stratoversen hair I think it's safe to say that the person has the will to change their hair in between 'not clouds' and 'clouds' and with the length of the clouds in this picture I think it would be quite short if changed to 'not clouds' hair, much like on the 'Friends' pages. Another thing to note is the fact that they both have the same um... Stones/Markings on their chest. Next I'd like to talk about the one 'hiding' and the one up front. So if you look at the reflection of the mural you'll see that behind the yellow dress there is one that seems to be a blue one which is similar to the one on the person who is to the left and behind Yellow on the 'Friends' pages. However if you look at the forhead of the person at the bottom of this mural and the person behind Yellow you'll see they have similar stones/markings as well. So I'd like to say that the one at the bottom of the mural is the one who is standing to the left and behind Yellow on the 'friends' pages, and the one standing behind Yellow in this mural is probably the 'Dark Overlord' and I say this because of the way the hair is depicted and the fact that in the mural they are uncovering/covering their face which is something you would expect from someone who I'm sure from the lure we know is a darker/more evil character than the rest. I would like to point out that the last two in my theory I'm still not sure of because I don't have enough facts/evidence to pin it down, and please give me of your thoughts! (also on a side note if you look back to when Purple uses his 'magic' and pulls up a map there are 5 main land 'verses', Gloomverse, Stratoverse, Ecoverse, Inverse, and Winterverse. However, we really haven't seen much on the last one. But 5 'verses' 5 Mancers seems kinda connected if you ask me.) But really, please give me some input on the main theory! I'd love to see what you guys have to say!