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I love coming home from a long day at work and seeing an update =D

Shiran *swoon*
D: He didn't go?!
XD I love the bottom panels.
wada bitch xD
x3 I love your strip
I love the hearts xD

awesome page

Update!!!! x3
D: Whats going on
awwww xD
wow, I love your comic! *favs*
Bahaha, Drake cooks like me x3
1. , i love your artwork & style. And the plot has me hooked

2. answers!!

3. marc the hobo!! Bring him back x3
May 15th, 2008
hahah! What a jerk xD
lovely art =)
I love this comic *favs*

Cant wait to
zomg! love <3
O_O;; wow...

its sad...I know someone who did this as an April fools prank D=
noo,poor Henry D= Richard needs to stop being an ass =(

haha, Liam got pwnd x3