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I'm an aspiring Manga-ka and Graphic designer... XD I'm working on improving my anatomy so please bear with me! I know I'm not the best artist out there far from it but I like to think of myself as relatively good ^^
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    Megan (Kai-Kai)
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Absolutely love Count Spades! and love how the new version looks =w= Keep up the good work I know it's hard! :3 <3
It could be the nib if you are using a tablet... Just throwing that out there! If you got a replacement pen tip it might work! Otherwise my only advice is to reinstall the software for the tablet...
Hope your stuff gets working again! 8D
Lawlz his happy stupid "I'm helping AND getting a view face" is just all kinds of funny and leads to wrong thoughts there... XD I must say thought the *Idea* panel is the best 83
OMG Voltorb is now ranked one of the most EPIC Pokemon EVER XD I'm still laughing while writing this!!! XDDD and Three words about Meowth and Persian...

Meowth equals Uke.