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Sure I could make more comics......but the cord to my portable hard drive died and I can't find a replacement:/

planned comics in the future:
Final Fantasy sprite comic (was ripping backgrounds and attempting tilesets beofre the cord died)
Hand drawn comic using to 'ink' and color ( about what you ask? clue)
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*A poorly drawn person
I plan on having this to be a protagonist (name pending) for a pokemon themed comic I'm planning on doing, but of course the comic won't be this well drawn (ha).

As a question what age would you say he is?(and I'm not aiming for ten)
It'll head-bang you into a hospital...Made sense in my head.
Who thought I was going to put a Pokemon for my third post?
This was before I discovered Yayste's guide , so the coloring is different, but still Gabumon...FTW...
And here's a staryu
that golden emblem thing was a pain for me to compass thinks it's cool to randomly change the radius on me, so i used a CD for a giant circle to draw the star in.

And I thought I was never going to use Chords again after Geometry class -_-

And on further review: I can't do straight lines.
I decided to start my...whatever you'd like to call it...with a sketch i drew of Venonat...However I seem to have misplaced that file, so you will have to make do with the completed image i did using and photoshop (along with my Bamboo drawing tablet).

It's shiny for no reason, and i didn't make it's eyes compound because I was too lazy and when i tried to make dots they ended up as lines.

Also i would like to take this time to state that this: was quite useful for me.
maybe the next one will actually be interesting.....probably not :D
Due to a lack of ideas/ motivation to crap this crap out, i have stopped making these...however i do plan on continuing it in the future.....eventually :/

I also plan on starting another comic soon (if you know anything about me you should know this means absolutely nothing) using the same style, but about an office (even though i don't know anything about offices :D)

mayhaps my art skills will stop sucking and i can draw a comic.....or maybe my writing skills will get better and i can get one of my friends to draw for me -.-
Spill the oil and run
Random Trivia
Actaully the original GI Joe was British....and a pigeon.He was also less epic than a french pigeon (Cher Ami). If you odn't believe me look it up.........and now you know :D
Justin must be magic :O
So what's up with Judge Farnsworth? lol
funny that they were locked in prison and got to keep their guns
good to have new comics again....but for the Excalibur map...shouldn't there be some navi rooms too?....just saying :D
fine fine...but the reference was wasted :P (
Magic missiles scroll
Hand grenade
cup holder
a tissue
a tissue box
key to the gates

I don't expect you to use mine so i added the key in there :D
I cast Magic Missles.....

"But there's nothing to attack", you say?

But, I'm attacking the darkness
*waving the bread and speaking in a higher pitched voice pretending it's a lawyer* "My client did nothing wrong!"
try to figure out why i'm there
spontaneously combust.... jk jk

gnaw through the bars in hopes that they are made from candy...
lol best last line ever :D