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October 5th, 2019
Welcome back! Missed u😊
Take your time. We'll be here🥰
Aaaa we missed you Howieeeee❤
Well that's literally me waiting for this comic updates😄

Can't wait for boys to meet after this break🥰
He realized smth interesting on the last panel😏 we're on the right way
Your comic is mesmerizing! I don't understand HOW do you do every page so freaking worth waiting. It is sure magic.

I don't remember how long I'm with you but this thing is my number one on waiting list😳
Comfort already this poor baby, Shiki :(
So beautiful I can't help but reread these last four pages over and over.
You're a genius of little meaningful moments. And how do you capture them? For us readers it seems easy and effortlessly. Does it, for you?