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Hello i'm Jake/Hixi I really don't have much to say besides my daily activity is Thinking, Drawing, and reading. (Why I signed up for the site.) .
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@JolteonIsDaBest: But there berries what could be more that a pokemon would ask for berries are great haven't you try one before? Those sweet oran berries or those sitrus. What more would a pokemon ask for maybe the sour taste of chesto. <Insert all the other berries type there are.(I don't want to be here all day)> So what more would a pokemon want?
@JolteonIsDaBest: But why would you evolve when there is pecha berries?
@JolteonIsDaBest: As long as you didn't steal -1000 im fine
@thatguy: You can't do a movie with only one explosion.
Who knew hero's are only lvl 3 when they start a dungeon
@XRed-moon: I didn't read it yet I only looked at the pictures but I planned on reading it when I can
I wonder if this is from something it seems familiar.
@EeveeManderDile: We all make mistakes and i'm used to long wait time for something simple
@venami: I give it 0 and a half stars for not enough Explosions then
@Glaceon: Atleast its not till season 50 of that show
@Glaceon: No its next time on dragon ball z so basically 5 weeks
@EeveeManderDile: They will still be evil in my heart and or I will forget about them someday after the comic is finish. (And or just forget it all together which ever comes first ~~I just hope it doesn't get deleted like a fan base of a server~~)
@Glaceon: You already spoiled it just finish the word
I don't think that is enough berries
@EeveeManderDile: I'm just saying the eye color make they look evil to me
I wonder if he knows there is no way out of a forest when you wake up in one
@hixidas: Enough joking aside well i'm going to go work on a story plot
By the look in the butterfree and pikachu eyes Im just guessing its a look of pure evil
@derp man: Im glad that you made a account now I can message you if I don't wan to comment it