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i want to start a comic but only thing i would be good at is photo shopping images and then add dialogue via editing it and i would be limited. and plus i make no sence at time. so if i had 3 wishes or even one i wished that i was good at drawing via mouse and the program i use for drawing then i would start a comic if i was to have 1 wish if i had 3 the first would be having a tablet to use for drawing then i can work on comics in my room 2nd one is be okay at drawing then that would help me a lot with what i would do in my free time 3rd thing i would want is for every joke maker and or pun maker to be good at making the puns/joke. well i hope everything there would come a little true mainly the last one. last thing my avatar image isn't online because it was just photo shopped to be dark/darker.
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@WildfireK: doesn't tongue twisters get easier the more you understand it or memorize it
@Guest: ik the joke i use a dell computer
@Sky207: that what it is on my side its just a bad image source and blank just like last time before it updated
@Guest: hey there is no dell computers just bell computer and just not dell
@Guest: dont do it
took me two tries to read the comic page and my computer decided to not be connected to the internet when the internet is though cords (just a normal day)
@NorppaComic: well there is hardly any snow where i live so i may forget what it looks like
@HerbZ: if it was the PMD universe how would a car get in that universe in the first place and what pokemon had that idea and what pokemon would make it if it was the PMD universe that all i have to say about it
i tried to come up with something but i failed with coming up with something that would not be completely stupid to me besides the comment is that snow
@mcslurpi: no we wanted to skip 32 for 36 because we want to be farther in the plot (if u take this seriously about skipping it don't worry we will make it to page 36 to times now)
i wonder if every page will have songs or poems then if that how you start it up
@Silvertheumbreon: well if u do plan on doing jokes and all i hope the best for you on that
@Silvertheumbreon: im going to send a complain to your auto correct software or something then
@Silvertheumbreon: do you mail on or mail mon and your right that wasnt funny in the slightest but maybe you well be the best joke teller in months to year but learn jokes that are good from other people first to see how to became great some day
@Iru: there way to many pun makers in the world already
@Eevee power: boooooooooooo bad pun/joke
@VaporeonLord : i wonder if it can still play my favorite steam game then
o no the break is over for the 5 year long boss fight
@?: WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment