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From the depths of Hell. To bring you this single page.
Shut-up woman, get on my horse.
Alright...which of you saw the 'it's dangerous to go alone, take this' joke coming?
@Hero of Comedy
She doesn't resent it so much as she wants to preserve the memory that comes with the name. Her great grandfather called her that all the time, instead of Zerelda, so she hates it when anyone else calls her 'Zelda'.
Course not. You gave your honest opinion and I am glad for that. It's nice being praised, but it's better getting critique and all that.

I actually have this whole thing sorted out in my head already with beginning, middle and end, I'm just taking my time with it. I'm actually more of a writer than an artist, but it isn't like I can't try harder. I have very little time to work on the comic. It'd be a lot better if I had more time, but it's not something I have in abundance.

However, I shall try harder!

I also blame the streaking on the fact that the paper I use is, by no means, ordinary paper (it's cardstock) and that paper usually eats markers so the time in which I have to color wider spaces before streaks start appearing is very limited. And if I stop in mid-coloring I know I'm in trouble.

Also, I will never look at a horses' behind the same way, because of you.
Wow, I got slammed!
Rather than be insulted, I actually laughed through this and agree on some points. I suppose I'll just have to try to do better in the future.

Thanks for the review! It was awesome!
Oh, F' all kinds of duck.
Been a while since I last posted, right? Well, here's something to tide you guys over as I do some story revisions for the next couple of chapters. =3

So...Link's gone missing? I wonder what happened. Fufufufufu....
@Mew Mew Mari-Shinju
lol I have my reasons. You'll just have to read to find out the answers to your questions. ;)
@tricorn: lol Glad someone remembers that one little fact. XD

In other news, I think my coloring skill is rusty. I need to use actual colors more often...
Shaun Hastings. It doesn't matter if you're Nemesis, the Knights who say Ni, an unspeakable horror, Pac Man or even Desmond will never be able to disturb him during tea time.

"Go away, Desmond."
Srsly Templars. Exactly why were you guarding those 'special pages' of Altair's Codex?

Also, srsly Altair, why were you drawing pics of your girlfriend in your bloody Codex?

Aaaaaand Desmond finally makes his appearance!
End of Chapter 1
I've reached the end of this chapter! And the last page is ominous~! ;) Makes you wonder what's coming?

Until the next page, see you all soon! And thanks for reading and sticking with me! :)
Malik was not pleased. It took him forever to cook that chicken dinner.

And no, he does not want the leftover wing, thank you very much Altair.
50th page. Halway to 100 now. =3

Thanks for you support everyone!

In other news, we're almost to the end of chapter one. =O Won't be long now!
A request for a review?
May I please request a review for my comic? It's at the following URL:

Thank you!
A small explanation...
D'aaaw. Still in the middle of a flashback here.

To be clear, this somewhat of a flashback is a little bit after Rell's parents died.

Funerals are depressing as hell. They always make me sad.
Holy moly! It's been a while since I last posted a page of Courage's Curse!

Sorry everyone. Lack of motivation coupled with real life kinda sucked me dry on the Zelda artistic front. I shall endeavor to do more in the future.

And so, Arnie has returned! Sans make-up, wig and costume of course. His hair is black~!
"Teddy Bear 2"
Hahahaha...seems like Mlaik has grown a bit on me. Or I've grown onto him. XD

I dunno why I did this. It was just something I felt like doing. So here it is!

Poor Malik never saw me coming. >3
"Easy Solutions"
One minute, you're innocent walking around in (insert city here) and then you accidentally overshoot a jump and land straight in water.

Obviously, this frustrates you like nothing else. And the solution is pretty easy, but it can't be fixed right now.

But if I was given the chance to fix things, I'd give Altair some good swimming lessons! D= Stop dying when you touch water, dammit! You are not the Wicked Witch of the West!