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Took a little bit of creative liberty with drawing Yahiko here, (He's the character I have the hardest time drawing) but he ended up looking more like his 10 year old self than he actually should. (`_´)ゞ

Mostly unrelated: I'll probably be replacing the comic's cover with an improved one this week. It's been long enough that the old one causes me physical pain to look upon it. Cripes...
News Page
So it recently occurred to me that since the vast majority of this comic's readers don't have Smackjeeves accounts, most readers don't get notifications for new pages or news. So, to explain the two week hiatus, (if you didn't see the news post) I just needed to take a little bit of time off to catch up on school and do some tests.

That being said, if there's ever a week (or more) without an update on this, check the news tab, I'll do my best to tell everyone beforehand whenever the comic takes a break. There's a button that says "news" that'll take you there, and here's a link as well:

If there's ever a hiatus without a news post explaining why, I grant everybody permission to slap me when I come back
Today's Guest Star: That one girl who's back of the head showed up for one panel while she scolded Yahiko that one time

Also, sorry if parts of this page look off, I'm a genius and made the page the wrong size, and had to resize all of it. It shouldn't be too apparent, though.
he protec
he attac
but most importantly
make a kid or two with kenshin and let me see them when i come bac

Also, 103 readers!! That's a milestone, thanks for reading. You're not being... BRIBED to do this, right?
@Cessless: Well, see here, Siren, we chose this plant because it's the dankest of weed.
Schedule Update
Sorry, again!
If you've been following this comic you've probably noticed that I've missed the update schedule of twice a week more than I've met it, and for that, I apologize. Life has gotten very busy and it's been difficult for me to keep up. I'm going to do better to keep up, but that also means the update schedule's being changed to once a week.

I'll do better!
Sorry (Again)
Update schedule fail, again, this time my excuse was that I was sad.

Which isn't an excuse so here's a strange and self-deprecating apology comic:

<img src="http://"&g t;
@Dtninja: I wouldn't mind you sharing it at all, thank you for asking! And I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. ^^
Sorry that this was uploaded so late! I'm still on schedule, though, I try to upload pages closer together than a Sunday and Saturday. This page took a lot longer than I expected, I've been fighting a monster of a cold.

Unrelated and unimportant: I never eat watermelon so I don't actually know how you're supposed to hold it. Googling 'person holding watermelon' gives you people holding watermelon in ways you never knew you could hold anything, so...

Edit: Filled in some things I somehow forgot to color and now finally understand why manga artists have assistants
There weren't any updates last week, due to some computer issues. I'm sorry!
From this point on though, it should continue smoothly.