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hEy I'm Lance, I did a revamp of my stuffs to make it more current and a bit less personal. I hardly have a personality anyway, don't really want it all out for the world to see. I have a few comics I've been thinking about that I'll never put into action, since I'm more of a writing guy and my art style is way too inconsistent for even me to keep up with. If anyone cares at all, I have a Discord, @KnownAsLance#8334 so that's a thing that exists.
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Bruh Dawn
You never graduate from poopy head
Prolly the clothes
Idea. What if A try stole from Team Rocket for Team Rocket? It would definitely show his worth to them if he were able to defeat some of his higher-ups.
Ending an argument with "fine" is not fine
Friggin* EH
I mean, the only new thing they're bringing back is Bel, but he can be seen in the first 2 panels, too.
@dracone Griffin mobile commenting, back at it again
T H E R E H A S T O B E-
B-B U T A T T Y Y O U-
B U T A T T Y Y O U C A N ' T J U S T
She could've impaled herself with it kek
[Insert congratulatory statement here]
The shippenning
George top kek
C, final answer. Eska top kek.
Now that I've taken care of my one weakness, doctors, nothing can stop me from ruling the world!
Woah George has a serious face
Ocean man,
take me by the hand, lead me to the land...that you understand.
August 3rd, 2018
Only good for...BEING FOOD?