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I'm a MidWest-based illustrator with a background in fine art and writing. Over the years, these two passions combined into my love for all things comics. When I don't have a pencil in hand, I'm watching bad westerns, reading excellent mystery novels, or possibly crocheting a blanket.
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    Mary Marck
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Back on Track!
Updates are resuming as of today!
I've been updating *fairly* regularly over on Webtoons, but I'm bringing the comic back to SmackJeeves! Fortunately, I have a HUGE buffer of pages, so you'll have updates every weekday for a while!
@Meta-Akira: ha ha ha I'm always very pleased when people notice those!
@Cloudlakes: ha ha thank you! The next few pages were lots of fun to draw!
Heartless isn't the least accurate description tho.
It's funny: I remember feeling really "off" when I inked this one, but it really turned out okay. I suppose it's a sign that I'm growing as an artist that I can draw decent work when I feel like a jar of peanut butter.

Wait what?
My house drawing skills continue to improve at the pace of molasses!
(Seriously, I'm getting better, but I don't practice houses often, so the progress is slow.)
I really felt like that last panel was weak... until I inked it. Then I was okay with it. Ink does that to me.
Fun fact: Dazer was originally speaking in that last bottom panel. But while editing it, I erased part of his mouth, got that face, and was like "STAYS. IT STAYS."
Monologues are fun to right, but they can be tricky to illustrate.
There are a lot of very angry people running this country.
Sorry for the quietness over here! I got behind HERE because I was/am working like a crazy person to keep up with my Webtoons schedule X_X
But anyway, enjoy the proof that I have no real idea how an army works!
Dazer does not charm people. He demands honesty and integrity.
Which may be why the whole council hates him.
Is Dyn's smirk my favorite thing to draw?
Thanks Commander Sunshine.
I dunno how I feel about that map. It seemed so much more complex when I inked it, and now it looks so simplistic. Moving on!
Sooooo you may notice a few changes here and there. Like... different fonts and stuff. I've learned a lot about fonts, layout, and random Photoshop thingys, so I'm using it to make the comic better. It shouldn't affect the story at all... except to *enhance* the experience.

I hope.

Anyway. Uh. Chapter 2!
@Cloudlake: To be totally honest, he would probably be more concerned with appearances than anything else XD Thank you!!
AAAAAAAA Here's the cover for chapter twoooooooooo!!!
I was really unsure of what should be on the cover, but kinda figured that I couldn't go wrong with 1) a twirly dress and 2) some attractive dudes.
Also the uniforms got some tweaks... I feel a little more confident adding details, and I think the new designs will be more interesting (visually speaking). Let's just pretend the military got a uniform budget passed, okay?
I kinda wanted to "launch" chapter 2 a week from today... but maybe a sneak peek on Friday of the new cover for chapter 2? Yes? YES??