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Hello... I'm not sure what I should write here. .__.
You can, um, find me on Tegaki E... I guess. :D (I live there. Seriously. I eat Tegaki. I breathe Tegaki. I poop Tegaki. It's the ultimate site.)
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Why is it that every page is more awesome than the last? And the last is still super awesome? M-may I stalk you? :D
Ahhh! I love Nozmo!!! :DD *Orgasm.*
This is awesome. Looks like they're going to be a busy couple. x3 Aww, I want a decent guy like that...
All panels are made of win.

This comic is so awesome. xD
What the... ?!
I'm gone for like, four days, and there's a billion updates on this comic that I never saw!! Did I die and go to heaven?!! Do I get 72 pages of awesomeness instead of 72 virgins? YESSS!!!
And, my goodness, was THIS a great page or WHAT?! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!
I cannot believe I missed all these updates!! What's wrong with me?! D:
TEGAKI!!! :DDD Most addictive site EVER.
What are you called on there? :3
I love you :D
Ahahahah. xD This page was hilarious. I love every page, though. (I loved the sixth panel especially. THEIR FACES! Eek. x3) Thanks for the update, you've officially saved my life. I've got the flu and nothing seems to be updating. Dx
Stupid kids! Come to practice!
Super page!! As always... x3
Heyyy, are you a member on Tegaki E? I saw Alternate stuff on there. O:
Since I'm such a dork, I read through every damn comment before I comment myself. (And I've been on this site randomly, hoping for updates, a couple of times; I can't believe I haven't commented on this page yet!!) So, I had the same thought as Pompi over there... is he trying to play the Sailor Moon song? xD Or is he just angsty over the contest or something? Oh, oh, and I love his bandmates. x3
OH MY GRUE!! Instant favourite! I love your art. <3333
And to think, I just randomly clicked on this comic. O: BEST RANDOM CLICK EVER!! BOOYAH! x3
Whoaaaa. :DDD
Love at first sight. Instant favourite!! x3
I think the new teacher is a bit... nervous... u____u
':D I am a house.'

I'm in love with this comic already... I ought to keep reading now. x3
Whoa. I was reading this story about a year or two ago. I dunno how I found it back then, and I can't remember why I stopped reading it (you stopped posting, didn't you?), but I've really missed it. I did a double take when I saw it on here! WHAA!! I'm so HAPPY!! :DDDD

But... wait a minute! THIS PAGE IS FROM OCTOBER! NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-T
You better update or I'm going to turn emo. D:

PS: I remember Adam.Adam Cafe. <33