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A bit odd.
Wow, that's really coincidental...

Umm, I changed the hosting of this comic to comic genesis.

The new address is

Thanks for reading!
Steve's Death
This is just a small mini series that will be included in the Different comic. It won't appear very often, but it will be there.

Hope you enjoy it!
I am quite fond of my bravery with this page. I really tried hard to get some unique positions and angles.

I hope I did okay?
Yeah, I think I agree...
Does this reflect me?
Marker test...
Dynamic Shading?
Yeah, incredible sexual innuendo.
It's pretty bad, isn't it?
Well, not quite as bad as that horrendous drawing in the second panel of Jake. I was trying to accomplish "Dynamic Shading." Pffft.
I think I am giving up on this hatching experiment. It is getting too messy.
Yeah, this page is kinda sloppy.

Sorry about that, I was a bit too hyper with the hatching. That second panel looks absolutely horrible.

Expect better pages to come!
This is a very nice comic!

You got another fav!
that girls eyes really captured the emotions.

Nice job!
This art is quite nice!
It's called "I did this!"

I downloaded it here:

Thanks for the comment!
They were screentones.

They are incorporated digitally with a method using layers.

For more info:

Thanks for the comments!
Experiments in hatching part 2.

I hatched much more heavily on this page than the last. Which style do you like the best?
Experiments in hatching part 1.

What do you think? Do you like the hatching better?
Deja Vu
Deja vu?

does this look like> Penny Arcade?
I like.
I am really quite fond of the picture of Kelly peeing in the ocean.

I think it was fairly well drawn and shaded.

Do you?
Notice my experimenting with slight variations in angle.

How'd I do?
This has a very unique art style.

I really like it.

Keep it up!