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I want to make my own Pokémon comic to put online for you.
I love Pokémon because most of them are cute.
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Finally. Finally!
I've made my next page.
See you next week or two.
Aww... You're welcome. Mistakes happen. You're right. The more mistakes I make and fix, The more better my drawings look.
Not much but good enouigh.
Wow, thanks.
This isn't much but it's better than nothing.
By the way, New page on Tuesday. I keep making mistakes.

Oh, and thanks to ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril for being the first commenter.
I really appreciate it.
Oh. OK.
I was just letting you know that it's their personal eye color. (How come did I not tell you that? Oh well. It's not important.)
Don't worry. They won't turn evil.
@hixidas: The eyes were the only ones colored. I don't want to deal with coloring everything else.
Sorry for the wait. 2 more pages are released if you're still interested.
Well... One now, and one at noon on March 13th.
(If you're reading this after March 13th, then they ARE out now.)
Yay. Another page.
Finally uploaded another page.
See you Saturday or Sunday. Well... It depends.
I feel lonely not seeing comments.
I really miss ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril.
Hope he comments again...
I'm sorry!
I was too distracted.
I watched Rurouni Kenshin (I LOVED that anime!)
and watched Black Panther (Yes, I watch Marvel movies as well)
which kept me away from work.
I do apologise for the wait.
Next page and throughout, I will sadly leave the pages uncolored.
Fan Comic Special revealed
Don't worry. A second teaser is coming up to explain the whole story. unless you read the original.
I wanted to revive SpeedBoostTorchic's comic since he discontinued it.
I felt sad for Totodile and Vulpix, I wanted to bring them alive through the rest of the story.
I plan on extending the story and adding more characters in it.
The original had the prologue. This fan-remake will have the Prologue as Chapter 1.
So it's not a Prologue in my Fan-Revival. If you haven't read Born Again Check out SpeedBoostTorchic's first.
My special comic could be canonical to my PMD comic.
Born Again is coming this Summer.
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: I'm sure Dawn will be happy because of your compliment.
A page early.
I thought I was releasing pages on January 6th!
On second thought, I wanted to give you what you wanted.
I don't want to keep you waiting.
Here you go. A page before it goes to DeviantArt!
By the way, I was distracted by playing Pokémon Ultra Moon.
And the main character finally reveals her name!
Please continue...
I too am a comic creator too.
I'm not sure if i'm the 70th fan or not.
I probably am.
I'm not rushing you.
I'm just wondering if you're still going.
I find your story cute! X3
I get what you mean now.
Oh. Now I get what you mean. But I'm going to ask the creator(s) and credit them. And I want to ask SpeedBoostTorchic to see if I can remake his story, but I don't know if he's gonna come back. So I'll just add the characters And credit him. By the way, I haven't read PMD Tales of Elysium before. Thanks for recommending the title to me. :)
I'll give credit,
Don't worry. I'm always busy. I'm not sure what Haychel means, But when I use someone else's character, I'll be sure to give credit to the creator. But most of the characters like the Eevee and Pikachu you seen at the first 2 pages are original.
PikaEevee Creation
Yay. another page. -_-.
Don't worry.
I will update each week.
Who knows. I'll ask if I can use a character I have not created.
PikaEevee Creation
YES! I finally uploaded my first 2 pages.
Yes, my drawings are good but not that good, but I'll get a drawing tablet someday.
PikaEevee Creation
Welcome to my first chapter. I'm EeveeManderDile.
I hope you like my comic that I will share to you.
Yep, I've used software which is not really good but good enough.
I need a better software. And a drawing tablet, too.
Anyway, I will be posting a page or two each week.
I hope you enjoy my comic.