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I like ukuleles and gay stuff
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Happy birthday dude
Please let them be orange, that would be great
@DogLemonade: I guess you weren't BREADY for that
At that moment they all realised , there screwed
hunnys thinking now
Hunny yes
Wow this bada** of a comic is back !
Taking it better than most " professional artests " these days
Well shot ... Stalker much
Darcy i am disappointed
ooohhhh shot
Aww even when in a break down she is still having the safty as number one priority
Just yes
TheLezbian monkey
September 11th, 2018
This is so cute
This looks bloody wicked !!
I just want to commend your art work here , the pure madness in there eyes in the final panel is done expedentaly well
I have to admit as much as people hate the charictor I really like the purple eye design