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I like ukuleles and gay stuff
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Can never trust those interstellar call operatives , no help at all .
What did she think the girl would say ? 😏😉
With how nice the comics are espshaly with the art style it's worth the Wait .
Maybe now the most important question will be answered , why so many plants ??
That explained the changed , I got a bit confused for a bit
Dame chills for what is to come
No if's no buts no coconuts
Bloddy love your amazing art style
Lindsey made a mistake from what I've seen your a ball of awesome saws
Mia at this point in suggesting punching him .... Just a thought
Wow that is some deal poetry . And combined with an amazing image , can't Waite to see where this will lead
Because it's non of your business snobby 17 year olds
Yeah what about those photos!? I hope the tall bean will be ok !
So did a fish girl kill his family? Is that why he's so aggressive towards them ?
I may not be able to fund you but I do hope that things turn out ok for you as I do enjoy your comics as they are relatable to everyday life as someone who is a very clumsy and unless lesbian 😅
@Lesbian Comics: will this awesome comic ever return ?