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I like ukuleles and gay stuff
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for when she gose on the next killing spree :)
Omg... That ... Adorably amazing
Save that lass for the power of gay ! Even if you are alredy after another girl .... But the POWER OF THE RAINVOW
I mean I don't like how Kareen tre rd there friend. But she dose have a very good point about how our main charictor gose about trans people . With calling Sophie she when they have said that they are a he .but will call there drag friend she until it doesn't sute her.
she doesn't look certain... What's going on
I mean ... You guys need to get your stuff together and win damn it
Aww little F , hope she gets help soon
@Guest: if it wasen't all caps I would say it looks like bass 64 but as it's all caps im incline to believe it's just key smash. Saddly
@Luca the gay agender: ok that's good to hear that it was still her disition
@ohhellyes: and every part of me is saying go get her
altra mega lesbian fighters
That top hat is absolutely bloody adorable
Did she just pear presher her into getting a hair cut ?
she took them 😉😉