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I like ukuleles and gay stuff
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Oo what's he going to ask
I have probably said this 100 times before but these guys are to cute and I can't wait to see how this goes
Awww, I don't think my hearts take this
... Oh ... Damn
Bloody finnaly you cute bean
I mean I was aiming at the comic but this fandom is too 😅😎👉👉
Why is everyone so f'ed up
I'm sorry but the girl playing football reminds me of angry kid
@Karlijn: yeah a big part in lgbt+ history, and it's good to see that you took interest in it. even when small it made a large difference
Did you hear about the first pride ? It was a riot 😅
Sadly as she looked very adorable in that jumper
Quite cute indeed
That new fallout reference though
She is such a cute and smol bean
Aww poor jenn , it happened to us all
This art style gets me every time it just looks so awesome !
1. Grate to see an even more LGBT theme with price month
2. Cheeky b*sterd making them feel bad! Just want to slap them