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Hey! I'm a college student at MCAD working to become a self-employed comic artist / illustrator. To start that off, I have a patreon, where you get rewards for supporting me!

If you want to find me at other places, here are some links:





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Panic!in general

He did!! He's not entirely useless afterall!


XD Silly faces may be my favorite thing to draw

I sure hope you don't! =O
Cackle cackle!

It's a great suggestion! But...I'm not really sure how to do that XD;
I might have for the book version - but I've mostly been busy making new pages instead.

... yummy ;D

Its a...partial morph? XD

oh shoot this is the version with the old font. Guh I should fix it
I mean... you're right XD

Yeah... XD;
Well! Maybe its not all bad. Now you can stop and savor it~

It might have been that apostrophes didn't exist in the font I was using at the time? I don't really remember. But I've gotten better at it now.

You are right! There are a lot of errors in the early pages haha.
Yeah, I was still learning how to do things when doing this page ^^;

Feeel.... great? <=D

Indeed it is.