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Hey! I'm a college student at MCAD working to become a self-employed comic artist / illustrator. To start that off, I have a patreon, where you get rewards for supporting me!

If you want to find me at other places, here are some links:





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Nice! What a good splash page~ Love the color in that water!
AH! I love Autumn already~ Look at her pretty pretty coat~
Hey i like the way you did the outline of some clouds~ Pretty unique~
Nice wheat fields~ I really enjoy your scenery skills~

Also!? Do cats eat wheat??
Again, those are some lovely color pallets you use~
Screw the government! Time for a mob!
Woo! Been a while since i've been able to catch up! Look how cute their faces are! Have you been improving? >W>

Yeah you don't get to know him for long enough to like him.

Probably not

He sure is. Unless, I dunno... sympathy or something stays her haaaaannnd buuuuuuttt mmmmmmmmm...

Psh. Does that look like a face with manners?

Ashamed. Be completely ashamed.

Panic!in general

He did!! He's not entirely useless afterall!


XD Silly faces may be my favorite thing to draw

I sure hope you don't! =O
Cackle cackle!

It's a great suggestion! But...I'm not really sure how to do that XD;