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Hey! I'm a college student at MCAD working to become a self-employed comic artist / illustrator. To start that off, I have a patreon, where you get rewards for supporting me!

If you want to find me at other places, here are some links:





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Leif's a crybaby. You're just going have to accept that.

You don't got much when you don't got pants.

It's almost as if someone was stripin' there...

Anyway thank you~ I'm so glad you're enjoying it! >w<

Of course. He's a werewolf. Random nudity is part of the package XD

Unless it's not / his / blood ;)

its coming out?

Yeah ;m;

He had a dinner party~

Sounds like fun times!

XD Do I want to know?

Op - there goes gravity.

I wonder.... XD

As many eyes as it takes~

Yep~ You got the basic idea. =w= The symbols will become more clear in... later fever dreams. Wahaha.

And yeah it's funny that people are calling it Winter XD I don't mind. It's kinda fitting~

GOOD. That means I'm doin my job

See nudity. See the S O U L

It's ok. Winter's just uhhh.... keepin an eye on him =)