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September 9th, 2019
Her hoof is glowing the same color green as the gun... O-o...
@DarkFireEevee: I don't think it's the crabs. I think it's the tide... Cats swim out, drown, get washed up... Crabs feast!

I think....
I love her. XD
Now it makes sense...
Don't eat the crabs! They're eating us! >>;
@Guest: He's not dressed for a funeral! He's wearing his suit from their shows from way back when! Or at least it's reminisce of them. :3
August 31st, 2019
Is it just me, or does one of them have legs...?
I'm willing to bet that he stayed awake, but saw Razor outside HIS window and saved him, brought him back to find Kylie missing and smelled the smoke flooding into his room from the open window...
I'm calling it. Right now. ~hopes~
For my wedding, we actually had a lady as our best man. Her husband just sat back and chuckled.
Funny thing was, her being our best man was more or less started as a joke from her based on a dream she had. We both actually really loved the idea and went with it. :3
XD Best. Scene. Ever!! XD
I love this.
Was not aware that this was based on a game!
I was following because the art is gorgeous and the story so far in the comic is compelling and different.
Thanks for the clarification, Neneko! <3
@Alikatblues: I'm with you!
I saw a comment a page or two back "This chick again?!"
Ended up rereading the entire thing again to find them and found nothing.
What are we missing, Neneko?!
"............. Just another day...."
Him, probably.
@randnum: Umm... that depends... if they're stiff, then yeah. Hell No for me too... But if they're soft and squishy?! Hmm...
I'd try it. Maybe once at the very least.
Uh... Whu?! NO! GO BACK!!! Slugger, why?! D:
Aaaand Eye Contact in 3... 2... 1......
@Fastgirl01: I second this motion. lol
@FluffyFurball: Yes, but we all saw how easy it was for Rodney to lead Plucky up to those bars. Who's to say the elephant can't break through? If it's determined enough.
But I get yeh. Honest! XD
Also - kudos for the Nora icon! ;3
Now I worry...
If Isabella is fully changed now, she's not going to charge after anyone that's been touched. They don't have a smell... but those two... Those two are still alive. They've been untouched. If they get too close to the zoo... T-T What's to stop Isabella from charging, breaking free of the cage and... !?! T-T
Double posting? I see the same page twice. :3
@Fastgirl01: I think the real response/question here is... "... is it working?!"