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Can I be the first to make note of the "Dick Bee" ...? That's the most oddly unique disguise of a penis if I ever saw one. ~applauds~
@Quillpen: Looks like "Stacy" to me...
August 12th, 2018
~raises hand~
@MK_Wizard: He had.... "Fair" reasons to do such things....

.... just sayin'...
@WingFreak: Hubs tells me it was "The China Problem" Season 12 Episode 8. Have fun with your research! :D
@The Orange Cow: There's an entire episode of South Park that explains why this is considered a bad idea, friend. :P
@NikuComics: Definitely taking it from the victim here.
I imagine his line of work needs a small vial of the other person's blood to do his little tricks.
Also - you know... evidence to study... of course. >>;
Aww, Harvey! Come on! They're not gonna talk if you pick up a check. Friends pay for friends all the time at these places. Diners don't care. X3
August 1st, 2018
HAH!! If only one could shout that in game... XD
Wha-! At least he was looking forward! Jeez... I already dislike this cousin. XD
That facial expression in the last panel though... XD I love it!! <3
The last three panels, even. X3
You had one job, Karen!
July 10th, 2018
@Kimmikala: Psst! "contribution"... :3
And at least your handwriting is legible. Mine's many times worse... XD
Thank you, Colleen!! <3
Can I just state that... "He's _LIKE_ a brother to me." Essentially, a best friend or really close friend.

Some of you peeps are getting all hell bent over something silly. :P
That maid... she knew what she was doing... ~squints at~ I'm on to her... >3

And he's totally looking at her eyes... YEP! Her eyes!!
@ShadowThorn: There's costume jewelry for that! Stick on gems and clip-ons! :3
Aww! He's so gentle! <3 I like him. I like this guard. :P
@Seruta: Page 29, amirite? X3