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@FluffyFurball: Yes, but we all saw how easy it was for Rodney to lead Plucky up to those bars. Who's to say the elephant can't break through? If it's determined enough.
But I get yeh. Honest! XD
Also - kudos for the Nora icon! ;3
Now I worry...
If Isabella is fully changed now, she's not going to charge after anyone that's been touched. They don't have a smell... but those two... Those two are still alive. They've been untouched. If they get too close to the zoo... T-T What's to stop Isabella from charging, breaking free of the cage and... !?! T-T
Double posting? I see the same page twice. :3
@Fastgirl01: I think the real response/question here is... "... is it working?!"
It might be a mixture of having not had much interaction, and also probably because he's not been in a relationship that's lasted quite this long before...
I tried merging 'strange' animals with dragons once as a challenge my ex-father--in-law set for me. I did a Giraffe/Dragon. Turned out interesting, to say the least!

Maybe attempt other strange animals, like a Hippo? Or Elephant?
He's... experiencing emotions.
That's.... not a good sign... is it...?
The way I see it... "PAPA'S HOME!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!"
~charges to hug/dogpile!~
I'm willing to bet it's either Big Bad... or his Giant Best Friend... XD
..... are those empty pokeballs? XD
I knew there was a beautiful reason why green is my favorite color.
This kid. He's beautiful... <3
@YolkenEgg: I think I had soda come out of my nose to this comment.
~thumbs up~
Is that the one they're in now? :3
As in: at the beginning of the comic where he goes to that party with Andy in a suit. XD
@Panther: Could also be that all the bracers in this room were used up and room 4 is the closest room to them?
Iunno. Just tossin' ideas out with you, fam!
April 23rd, 2019
Is there a reason these last three pages are in... french, I'm guessing?
I mean. Not complaining, just... Don't speak/understand enough of it to know what's going on or being said. ^^;
@Fastgirl01: And it's possibly not Kim telling him not to blame himself... but perhaps someone in the room telling Kim not to blame himself?
"Don't blame yourself... it's not a good look for you..."
I dunno... seems a bit out of place to direct it to Kylee. In my honest opinion.
So I'm with you on this theory. ~hmmmms~
I love this woman. I love her so much... ;-;!
Isn't slappin' the Queen a royal offense?! Even if it is her mother... o-o!
Who is to say that he doesn't have a plan brewing to ask DT to help him get all those pokemon back once he gets her back in his possession?! Hm?! HMM!?!?
Is big brudder finally coming home?!?! :D