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Just an all around awesome guy.
Not much else to say really.
Just ask for info.
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Well it could be worse.
Could be Chuggaconroy! Lol.
Well she did give fare warning in the last page.
Fo sure... :)
Daz is the Shizinight.
I think Morgai doesn't understand what Risa is talking about because Morgai resides in her subconscious so to say, inside the dreamstone, or inside her. So Morgai doesn't know what is going on outside because Morgai doesnt have access to that information of the outside world. If that makes any sense.
Well in retrospect...
He's the boss so they couldn't really kill him. Plus it shows sincerity to not take a tip after a fault. It's good customer service. As Ben Kenobi says, "They will be back, and in greater numbers". So all in all its a winning situation.
@edgeblade: I feel the same
Why does his hair change color?
Mmm.. yes.. I concur. Cheerio old chap. *sips beer*
New Arivial?
Who's the new cute blue striped Nekko?
Hang in there
The first days back are always the worst...
Sure, I'd love to give it a try. Don't know if it will be any good but, meh why not? :)
I would love to join the shenanagins of this bar someday. I love this comic. Now if only I could sprite well and had everything set up. :( Ahh well. A dude can dream.
To Author
Maybe the get up there buy using anti-gravity shoes like sonic uses in the old sonic cartoons or they could use the crazy upside-down staircases like in the paintings.
To Author
Wait Yoshi can Talk!!! Thats new how does he do that or id that just part of the story?
??? Guest
He would be happy and lol about this (especialy cince it ha Waluigi in it.(see top for person.)
Whelll at lest this is stilll here.....
I think I know what he ment to say....
He ment to say "getting Fixed" in a dogs terms!!!!!!!!
To: Yamataro
COME ON MAN U look SO powerfull and cool
you can't degrade yourself like that ESPECIALLY to a guy like him! (No offence
sonamy4ever just saying HE is looking Cooler and more powerfull than U with that
TO Yamataro:
I See What U mean And people sometimes think I'M WEIRD!! LOl