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If you only knew my hatred for taco bell
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    Rashid Cortez Davis
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Homophobic mom alert
Beat his ass daddy
Kick his ass!
I don't trust him at all
@Maaria our hair doesn't grow out like that, that's why I was asking if he was Latino
He's an asshole, never liked his character
Is he Hispanic ?
Jasper is a good boy
He's so huge
What Is a ghost ?
I love how she's calling lone stuck-up but she's always bullying her. The blonde girl needs to get decked in the face. But on the other hnad i do believe she wants to he lone's friend
Maybe magick just isn't her niche
Sorri is a precious cinnabon
Problem with teachers now. Why punish the one who wasn't doing anything
She's very rude.
Control freak much
Damn that sucks. What he basically said was I just want you around for sex since I'll be here for a couple of days and there's nothing else to do around here.
What happened to his body . He must've been in a lot of fights
The other guy looks uncomfortable as hell
June 1st, 2018
Me poor baby