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I'm just a young girl who enjoys drawing and making comics. right now, all i have is a revenge comic and a sprite comic, but i'm soon going to upload a really good comic i've been working on drawing for a long time! i hope you guys enjoy it!
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i've been away for so long and you've updated so much *doublefacepalm*
can i be co-author? =3

i wanna make somma these =3
that's great for you! that's jusat really awesome! if i can think of anything that isn't stupid(ohh, that'll be kinda hard...) i'll tell you!

i think they're gonna screw up a classic, but that's just my opinion...i still wanna see'll be nastolgic, remembering watching IJ with my Dad and eating rootbeer floats...
my god, an update!!!
haha! you quoted me! PATCH BROTHERS FTW!!!
*squeel* lol i still love how both brothers have patches now, lol...that there makes for some good arrrrrt...*<---bad pun theatre*
pot calling the kettle black? they both have pretty big noses lol XD
that guy cracks me up XD

sorry about your Da. :(
if it helps any, my favorite uncle died about a month back. it's sad when parents outlive their children. Just be gratefull that he didn't have to burry you, is all i can say.
heehee...the patch borthers- Scurvey Eyed Loukas and Not-Nosed Ross!

edit- BTW i love the new charrie profile page :D
lol, like it so far. i'll fave and keep an eye out for an update.

oh, and by the way...
teehee...the world may never know...
i've faved this XD
i need more...mooooore........
ARRRRG! *frantically mashes the "next" button*

great so far...mmmmmmm.........

@animegirl: dude, do you actually think you'd be able to take on freakin BATMAN? lol...

really, i agree with what everyone has said through the whole thing(i read every comment, hur.)

i love this. moar, moar!