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Hi! I'm Finny! You can also call me Li. I like languages and art, and have for the past few years been seduced by the magic that is sci-fi. I'm currently doing the student thing. Also, I'm very queer.
Here were some hourlies I did this year in between semesters!
It sure has been a while! I'm over halfway through my second semester now, so there's a bit of catching up to do. I hope you're well and that your summer (or winter!) is off to a great start! =)

The top panel is a simplified view of what's out my window, and the bottom panel is of Puente de la Mujer, a bridge designed to look like a couple dancing tango (although very stylized, of course, haha!).
My host mom likes cranberries but she doesn't have them very often. And now I do like zapallito, haha! It's a fun little squash.
Hope you're doing well! =D
luckily the program helped with the cost of hotels, haha

The food poisoning was due to some turkey that had thawed on a day that was warmer than anticipated. They had gotten it for us because it was around Thanksgiving at the time - it was a sweet gesture, and thankfully no one got too sick!
Hi! The end of the semester was really chaotic between finals, travel, etc. Right now I am back in the US. While I'm here, I'm planning on uploading various pages talking about things that happened during the semester when I didn't have much time or energy to draw them.

Take care!
I had the flu during finals =( Not ideal timing, haha!

Hope you are healthy and safe! <3
Mate is super common in Argentina and is brought to almost any type of gathering (and drunken alone). Each person drinks a cup of the tea, and then the same cup is refilled with hot water and passed to the next person. The metal straw filters the liquid so that you don't drink the leaves and the next cup will seep. It's bitter, but I like it! The only thing is that if you get one of the earlier cups, the water can be painfully hot, haha
The Youth Olympic Games were super exciting for me! As a kid I always watched the Games with my family and I still love all that they symbolize. I think that I already knew when I was little that it wouldn't be likely that I could be an Olympic athlete, but I still dreamed sometimes about working with the IOC. Maybe someday, haha!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this year brings you lots of peace and happiness! =D
"Fulano" is a word used to refer to an unnamed person in conversation, like "so-and-so," "what's-his-name," or "John Doe." But I didn't realize that at first, haha! Another one is "Mengano."

Happy New Year's Eve! =D
In Argentina they call emails "mail" (using the English word) haha!

(NB: This page is indeed #16 - I haven't uploaded #15 here because it's about webcomic sites in Spanish and doesn't have much relevance here)

Have a lovely night!
the puppy was really friendly!!!

Parque Tres de Febrero is a huge park in the north of the city that's also known as the "Bosques de Palermo" (the Palermo Woods) although it's more grassy space than forest, haha. I went for lots of runs there! And on Students' Day we got the day off from classes =)
A trip outside the city! The city of Buenos Aires is surrounded by a type of flat grassland called the pampa. On the road, we didn't see any hills for miles! It was wild. Sierra de la Ventana itself is a small town in the mountains where there's a hole in the rock up at one of the peaks!

Have a good night! =)
The Casa Rosada ("Pink House") is like the White House of the US - it holds office and meeting spaces for the president and other heads of government. You can go on guided tours for free during the weekend!
I played soccer all through middle school and high school, but I never broke my glasses until then haha

Wishing a merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and a calm Tuesday to those who don't! Until tomorrow =)
@luchii: Yay, I'm glad it makes you laugh! Yeah it was confusing at first how much strength was needed to raise them! Y gracias por aclarar, jaja! Eso tiene sentido dado que se puede espiar a través de la persiana xD Si no te molesta que te pregunte,de dónde sos?
Hello! I am back after the hectic period of finals and traveling, haha. I have quite a backlog of pages to upload here, so this week I will be posting a page a day to catch up a bit. (I'm posting two tonight because #9 and #10 go together!) I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season =)

Ps. If you happen to speak Spanish and want to be even more up to date, you can check out the original version of this comic on Faneo :
In my town, when there are protests they are very small, and they aren't very common. So massive protests like this seem fascinating to me.
lonesome thoughts waiting for the subway lol

Have a good night! =)
My grandparents on my mom's side are from China, and those on my dad's side were from Ireland. In the US I have to travel over an hour and a half to go to the closest Chinatown, so I like being able to visit it here, even though it's different.
I've had a lot of weird experiences being Asian here, but then again it can be like that in the US, too