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Hey, people reading my description! I am a Pokémon fan! I play Minecraft and Pixelmon in my free time, and I also enjoy watching Pokétubers!
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Wish I had a romance life like skull...
"What crawled up his grass and died?"

I've never heard a quote so sophisticated.
I didn't think edgy dusk was possible.

I miss the good times back when blizz exploded and killed a whole pack of killer jigglypuffs...
...Lonely? No, I have the cactus.
What I tell my mom everytime.
Situation in a nutshell:

After breaking his mother(Harmony)'s back by stepping on a crack to escape her wrath, Dusk asks Harmony for her blessing in marrying a(smexy)plastic cactus, Juanita.

Harmony, who has loved Dusk before(not as a mother, but as a suitable mate) actually gives her blessing.

*confused screaming*
Dusk has officially escaped his mother and, subsequently, his blame for breaking her back.

[everyone liked that]
I've been gone for a while and this has changed a LOT. I love the new drawing style! OwO!
Dusk-sensei, I don't feel so good...
D a t B o t t l e F l i p T h o
Lots of things are written on Blizz's face. First with the I <3 Ponytas and now extremely fashionable makeup, hopefully written with a sharpie.

Face abuse, really.
Name: Lance Bravern Robinson
Eevee Number: 89
Grades: 3, 4 or 5
Paragraph: Lance is brave and strong. He doesn't hesitate to stand up to bullies. He tries not to use violence, but he uses it as a last resort. He doesn't always take the victim's side, as some bullies do it for a good reason. He just controls violence and destruction. He's often bored in class and spends his time doodling. He's surprisingly angry when teachers give equal punishments to bullies and victims, and sometimes gets angry and shouts. This sometimes gets him into big trouble.
There's a reason behind all this protection- he's suffered from many bullies himself when he was younger. But he remained strong and became the hero that he is today.

Side note(s): He really likes a girl Eevee. Even I don't know who, but he likes one of them. His cheeks go red and he starts sweating if you ask him about her.

NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, touch his scruff cape.
Blizz has an obsession issue. First with Ponytas, now Plushies...
Lazy yellow ball is lazy
How did Blizz write 'Rainbow Flash' and 'Best Ponyta' on his face almost PERFECTLY, when there was probably no mirror in the fridge? Not to mention that the lights go out in the fridge after you close the door.

How did he WATCH the darn thing, too? Does wifi work in the fridge?

...And where did he get the markers?

Dang it, Cartoon logic, you're not logical at all!

Orange vs Grape:
Blizz vs Dusk

Who will win? Nobody knows.
(Personally, I vote Dusk)
blizz is an ice type why anywhere BUT the fridge???
Insert Jaws theme here
as vay starts to open da fridge
@Creamy Eevee: Wasn't that Blizz?
I'm not sure if Vay knows what's happening or not. That last face is either a 'I need to get to the bottom of this.' or 'I know perfectly well what he is doing in there...'

I think it's time for Vay's cop powers.

(But first, some Karp Kracks)