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Hey, people reading my description! I am a Pokémon fan! I play Minecraft and Pixelmon in my free time, and I also enjoy watching Pokétubers!
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Uh... the Icedrop Eevee that said 'Fite me' (brilliant quote btw) has a Lightfire Bandanna.

Ah whatever
(Did someone else say this already?)
The 'Vees on the last panel look like blue 'peace' signs with...
...bodies. Yeah, bodies.

(What is it with Eevees and corn?)
I wonder if you can glitch Night... hehehehehheheHEHE

Also, counting the tally marks in 'Blizz 2', Dusk failed something like 133 times.
The Variable is...

Im guessing compassion
Dear Dusk;
Sleep is...


I'm soooo late
Blizz is feeling cranky today, isn't he
Just a thought... why didn't Harmony evolve?
(Did someone explain this already? I don't know)
@NegitiveZero: Draw it, paste on template, fill in template, then submit it through Pinkeevee222's discord/smackjeeves/email
This reminds me of grape juice for some reason
@RKA: Forgot Alt text XD
Random Things
No Eevee-ly's this week, folks

Rick looks like a Buneary

Is it Blizz the narrator, or Dusk the narrator???
Hey Blizz nice wallpaper change! The night sky looks so beautiful!

...You are in charge of changing PC wallpaper, right?

BTW, No Eevee'l puns this week.
(Like anyone cares)
Blizz, you are forgetting about the KILLER JIGGLYPUFFS!!! THEY WILL BE BACK!!!!!

Or, maybe not.
Is Pinkeevee222 late because she is celebrating Lunar New year? Just a guess...
Ah well, I guess the next comic will be a long one