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Hello! I'm Ib/Tsuyoi (you guys can refer to me as either or, though neither are my actual names), and I love drawing, anime, manga, and singing. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but sixth grade was when I started getting more serious about art. Sixth grade is also when I discovered anime so that definitely had an impact on my life haha!
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heyyy! page two!! awesome!!
So updates are going to become a bit spaced out and somewhat inconsistent now since I get off of winter break tomorrow and go back to school :))))
can't wait
But I will do my best to update as much and as frequently as possible!!

also lmao I totally forgot chairs existed in the first page whoops
Willow isn't using a chair rn bc she's pretty jumpy and can't stay still for long
Aaaa! My first web comic!! I'm really excited!