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I make comics and drink tea.
And there's your answer, Rig.

Making up for lost time with an extra upload!
@bug: Hello! I'm glad you've liked the read up until now ^^ DoD is basically all of my favorite subjects smashed into a comic; sentient nature, deals with the devil, fear of mortality, etc. It makes me happy that other people have these interests as well!
@AmyOf Darkness: The head tilt was my favorite part of the page ^^

Little brat even as a child, he was.
@LordOfPandemonium21: He's not in the best shape to go attacking her, since standing up a minute ago made his wounds reopen.

Plus it's tragic backstory time. Etiquette dictates all fighting is on hold.
@Frost Fox: I'm not sure if it's sarcasm if the only way she's ever known him is also the way he's saying he used to be.

"I once had black fur-"
" still do?"
@Skeletalwidow: Rig: -processing-
@Kingfish: Thank you, I was quite proud of it!
@ShadowStalker1128: Get him a pretty collar!
When telling your tragic backstory to a deer casually mentions killing other deer.

Sorry for the delay! I was able to make an announcement about it on DA but SJ doesn't really have a convenient way to post minor-updates on stuff that isn't like, the comic's News section. Anyway I was having company arriving on Friday and needed to make a few tweaks on this page before uploading, and then my dog got suddenly sick. She's fine now but I put off uploading until I had free time after my company left. So back to regular updates now!
Nice to finally meet you, Pace.
-chanting- Goat comic goat comic goat comic!

Love how you draw him too!
You could easily solve this by telling us your name, Widower. Instead of being constantly reminded that your partner is dead by being called a widower. It's 200+ pages now, my dude.
@Guest: How dare!
@Reggan: Aw, thank you! I'd be careful reading this in school, what with all the impalement and such, haha. It's been a long time now since my early days of comicing, so it's nice to hear I've improved along the way ^^ Thank you!
@Frost Fox: "Why would your parents even name you Widower??"

Clay as in the substance, clay. The stuff you'd sculpt with.
@Eightfish: Anime rivals having a chat.

Widower and his partner, Clay, are both males. I think the first time Clay's gender comes up is on pg48 where Rig refers to him as 'he', although it's come up a number of times since then ^^
@Skeletalwidow: "And another thing-"
@VadanDrumist: The sequel is a rabbit army going after Rig.