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I make comics and drink tea.
And here I thought it was just the other one that had subpar art but no I am still seeing panels I want to redo in this one too, haha. C'est la vie. And I definitely forgot to shout-out last time a thank you to SleepySundae (of White Tail) for lending me some of her tanuki designs for Bonja's family!
-inhales-Do not. Fix. The art. Even if it's very old.

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome back! I'll be alternating which gets uploaded, but eventually I still have to go back to posting every other day.
September 17th, 2019
@Kingfish: They're tanuki/raccoondogs!

And thank you ^^
September 17th, 2019
Actually, I'm doing two comics.

I was conflicted over whether to do something longer and slower paced or something quicker paced that I could finish in less time. So I kind of, just did both. This one is probably the most unlike the other comics; it feels a little like the red-headed step child of the mix honestly. But here we go. Again.
September 16th, 2019
It's been awhile. I'll probably upload every day for the first week or two, then go back to the old every-other schedule. I promised myself I wouldn't go back and fix the art, even though these pages are now like, six months old. So it includes all my awkward progress in trying to draw new animals, haha.
Originally submitted on July 30, 2019. Script swap with SleepySundae (of White Tail). We both came up with short one-shot scripts, with minimal/no direction in the script as to what was happening or what the characters looked like. Then exchanged, and worked independently to recreate what we imagined. This one was the script I came up with; ie the one with the giraffe.

View Sleepy's half here on DA:
Adding to my favorites because I keep meaning to read and then being unable to find it when I want to start.
Originally submitted May 9, 2013.

This was from a roleplay I used to run. It is also before my tablet-days. An important piece of my comic making history, obviously.
@RuneKeeperofEvil: Even with the text it's still pretty confusing.

This was like, page 12 of a multi-person collab that fell through years ago. But I still kind of like this page. It just doesn't make much sense. Heck even with the context, the comic never made much sense, haha.
I think this one is funnier without an explanation.
Originally submitted on July 7, 2015
Originally submitted on November 30, 2017; another one from the charity commissions. Depending on how versed you are on SJ's animal comics, you might recognize these characters from Emporium! Definitely check it out; it's worth a read.

Instead of Balloon becoming lost in her thoughts and falling in it looks like she suddenly lost her will to live and threw herself in.
Originally submitted November 25, 2017; another one commissioned by Affyre on DA.

This one was a lot of fun even though, if I remember correctly, I misunderstood the directions completely. Characters were fun to draw and I always enjoy getting to work with what Affyre sends me for scripts.
Originally posted July 2, 2017. This was a prize for a contest; the big white/brown do and the brown dog with the throat wound belong to Tephra76 on DA. I forget what contest she won but this was a trip down nostalgia lane! The other dogs are my characters.

Chernobyl Curs was an OCT years back, focused on dogs in Pripyet. I never got to face Tephra in a round unfortunately but it was nice getting to draw this interaction of our characters! I never uploaded my submissions to this site; I thought about it but the artwork is so old and some of the material I wish I would have written better. CC was my first full comic project and I have so much nostalgia for it. There were so many great competitors and great entries. Maybe one day I'll do a page redraw and post it here.
Originally posted November 11, 2017; another one from the charity batch. This one was a comic for Nothofagus-obliqua on DA; if you are looking for more deer comics check out hers here:

I think if my math is right, this one would line up right with when I was making the first pages of DoD, so the deer drawings are. Dated. It may even pre-date any pages for DoD, since one of the first things I made sure to do was not have the mouth lines go as far as back as I did with some of the shots here.
@arctic flame: Thank you! Although all of the comics uploaded here are old; this one was from 2 years ago. I am still making comics, I just haven't started posting the pages yet.
A commissioned comic by Affyre on DA; characters belong to her! The instructions I received were: "I like the idea of them working together to track the bear down then at the end they find it and have a staring contest." Originally completed on September 17, 2017.

I think this was one of the ones I did to raise money for a local charity. I've been commissioned to do comics for Affyre at least twice and I think I have the most fun with them because she gives simple instructions, haha. The ones I always had the most trouble with were the very specific ones.
@gentlechaos: I'm actually working on my next series, but cannot announce a release date yet. When it goes up I'll make an news post for it. I think I'm going to upload my one-shot/commission comics in a folder though for the meantime.
Creeping in both your comments on DA and SJ. What up yoooooo.

All of Tommy's smiles are my favorite smiles.
@Denma: But I did reply, I even double-checked just now (pg244). If you are not logged in you won't get any reply-notifications.

My message said: "Oh hello! That would be very sweet of you ^^ You can link it here, but I also use DA if that's easier. Actually I even link to DoD gift-art on my pages when I upload to DA!"
It's been about a year and a half. I think I'll go hibernate for awhile. Stay groovy, everyone.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and thank you to all readers for helping this wacky deer comic somehow make it to the popular section!

I might make a journal over on my DA page, and if I do I might post it here as news. If you're interested in more of my works, I also did a comic about coywolves that you can find from my profile. Additionally, I won't be posting for a long while but when I do move on to future projects, I'll announce it as a new article here.