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Hi again.
I was going to put out Hayates twin brother Hayato but I could not wait so I had to put out this girl first. Jessica. She is a super cool girl and I hope you will love her as much as I do. :)
In a few days Hayato will be posted. I hope my coloring has improved?
What do you think?
@Manga-Ka: Yes. that is my next thing on the to do list ;). It is old and need a fresh up ;) Thank you for the compliment ;)
One MORE Page
Hello again.
Two pages in under a week. Yay :)...What do you think? Have I improved my drawing skills? I really hope so. This is also one of my characters. Hayate, next time his twin brother Hayato...And do not worry even though they are alike, they are also very different from each other...
You may be wondering why I have not done the head characters yet. I do that on purpose. I want people to know each character :D.
Hope you like it :)
I Am Back!
Hello everyone!
I am finally back. It has been a year. I have been working and going to school so I am very sorry that it has been such a long time.
I have learned alot during this year so I think it is best for me to begin from the start.
I am going to try to put a page out every week, but I have other things to do...:/
I hope you like my drawing this is one of my character Tamae.
You will learn a bit about him later.
Please give me some feedback ;)
March 6th, 2013
When are you comming back??? I miss your comic :(
Here is the first attempt of using Manga Studio EX4 and a drawing tablet. What do you think, and does anybody know how to do a background :D :D
Beautiful as ever...And thank you so much for the help :D :D
I am NOT DEAD!!!

Just to let everyone know I am not dead, I am working like crazy on remaking this so just wait. I am changing Hikaru and Tanaka. And actually everyone ;). Hehe. I am thinking of buying Manga studio and a drawing tablet, but I don't know yet. Does anybody have any idea on how they work???

I WILL BE BACK...Promise

First: I Love your comic :D :D.
And second: I Heard you used Manga Studio EX4, do you use a drawing tablet next to this program?
@meK: Thank you. Love you :D :D.
Keep drawing awsome art. It is beautiful
@animevampiregirl25: No I did not think that, don't worry ;). I am already at part 2. It's very good. And stories about vampire, angels, demons etc. it's very alike so don't worry :) :)
@animevampiregirl25: I Have had this story in mind for almost 6 years now. And if you look at the first page. The Cover. You will see that I started posting it online in 2008. One year before you!
BAMchick96: Thank you so much. This is just a little drawing of Hikaru! Just wait till you see Tanaka!
Manga-Ka: Do they...mmm. they do. Yatta!
July 10th, 2011
What is he doing to her *-*NOOO TT_TT
July 8th, 2011
TT_TT...Don't hurt her she is tooo cute for that!
July 5th, 2011
*-*Blush blush blush....good page :D
July 4th, 2011
*LennerHeart* No it's not just you...he is damn smexy!
July 1st, 2011
I have the same look when I see my bed at night..It is heaven on earth! ;D
July 1st, 2011
That is nice to hear...Rowe kick him in the balls, that works!
July 1st, 2011
Oh Noooo. Don't kill her she is cute...and cool:C