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Tie-dyed Trickster
I'm Tie-dyed Trickster, aka Green!
@Kunarion: I definitely agree with you about the needing of grace and compassion bit, and that whatever happens is going to be good! And I'm also with you in the hopes of Ganon learning some more compassion, since he's kind of a grumpy bean in general at the moment. For good reason, but I'd love to see him soften up some as he spends more time with Link and other people! (And apologies if I was too forceful/stiff/off-putting in my original post - I tried to be non-aggressive, but I'm not the best at that and unsure I succeeded. If I did not succeed, I apologize for that. I also appreciate your taking the time to respond to my response. :) )
@Kunarion: We don't actually have proof that that did change Zelda's opinion of Gan just yet, only that Link doesn't believe her suspicions. Also, the situations leading to these defenses from Link are actually very dissimilar. With the defense from Zelda, Gan intercepted an attack on Link from Zelda, disabling it without pressing further aggression himself to defend Link, and Zelda's own hostility towards Gan didn't start until she shook hands with him and got a sense of 'evil' through the contact, which Link casually laughed off when she told him about it.

In contrast, Marron accused Link and Gan of crimes based purely on the fact that Ganon's Gerudo, and, while he was completely helpless to anyone in-universe's knowledge, put a pitchfork so close to Gan's neck that it pierced the skin and bled, not to mention being very unwilling to listen to their explanations. Since then she's done absolute bare minimum to make up for it and even gone so far as to try and manipulate Link into agreeing to do a job that Link knows they should being getting the aid of adult warriors for, especially when he personally knows that the mission is less about the horse and more about seeing how trustworthy Gan is. Even Link's defense of Marron is different than that of Gan - for Gan he laughed it off with casual ease, for Marron he can't make prolonged eye contact and is looking uncomfortable as heck. We're used to seeing Ganondorf in the wrong and Marron in the right, because he's the main villain and she's an ally, but that's really not the case at the moment.
@Dude: It's Link, he can't resist. ;)
Ganon: Link, I've been awake for over eight months and I've been bleeding from my neck for most of it. If you think I'm staying awake one second longer, you're out of your mind.
I'm so glad this is updating again, I've missed it! <3
Did I see something like this coming?
Is it still awesome beyond all words?
Oh GODS, yes!!! Yeee~, reveals are so much fun! ^U^
@H0lyhandgrenade: (laughs) You have no idea how happy that makes me. I care not what others say - 'twas a great movie and I loved it. ;)
(eyes bug out of head) Holy- the scroll-over... that's /never/ a reference to the movie with the witches from the original MLP series, is it?!? Where Spike's trying to convince the little pony not to run away?! 8O
Also, amazing comic.