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Tie-dyed Trickster
I'm Tie-dyed Trickster, aka Green!
@Dude: It's Link, he can't resist. ;)
Ganon: Link, I've been awake for over eight months and I've been bleeding from my neck for most of it. If you think I'm staying awake one second longer, you're out of your mind.
I'm so glad this is updating again, I've missed it! <3
Did I see something like this coming?
Is it still awesome beyond all words?
Oh GODS, yes!!! Yeee~, reveals are so much fun! ^U^
@H0lyhandgrenade: (laughs) You have no idea how happy that makes me. I care not what others say - 'twas a great movie and I loved it. ;)
(eyes bug out of head) Holy- the scroll-over... that's /never/ a reference to the movie with the witches from the original MLP series, is it?!? Where Spike's trying to convince the little pony not to run away?! 8O
Also, amazing comic.