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I'm Ling, and I like to draw comics, mostly those of a slight fantasy/sci-fi slant. I do hope you'll check my comic(s) out! I'd love to hear what you think.

When I'm not doing comics, I do my homework, read, write stories, nap, sing, knit, and make DIY clothing alterations!

Current comics

Pokemon Twilight (ongoing!): Two girls and their older mentor go on a pokemon journey, get into lots of trouble, and learn Important Life Lessons. Or something like that. Also, conspiracies.

Hiatus'd Comics:

Rival!: Pokemon comic, doing a bit of a deconstruction of the protagonist-rival relationship between two girls who used to be friends but four years later find themselves bitter enemies.

Tsubasa & Co.: Magical girl bounty hunters get into trouble and lulz. Really want to come back to this someday.
I've actually been sitting on this one for a while over some of the dialogue >.< This was done in brush pen, but I think I might actually go back to the inks. I think I get better drawings that way for some reason.

Hopefully I'll be able to crank out a few more pages before I go back to school...

Also, HI MOM since apparently you occasionally read this?
@luvsmepokemon: Yeah, Dan's the one that uses a wheelchair. Of course, at this point in time he doesn't, yet...
Yay more comics!
And maybe the next one won't take me a week! Mayyyybe?
oh snap we're back
And hopefully here to stay? Sorry about the wait, guys, I've been kind of ill and it just sucks all the energy right out of me :( I'm feeling better though, so hopefully more pages soon?

The reason why updates have been so spotty or, well, nonexistent is because I had finals (eek!) and then I just started a new term and am taking more than the normal load of classes. That and one of them is my senior project for one of my majors which (of course) also involves a metric ton of drawing.

So things might be a little quiet around here sometimes, but I'm still here—just juggling a lot of things. OTL I'll try to update whenever I can, though!

Anyway, the beginning of this chapter takes us on a little visit to the past... expect the next page maybe next weekend?
Yeah, I readily admit I've been a bit flaky with the updates lately; I'm in my third year of university and taking more classes than usual this term, so things have been a bit hectic recently.

If anyone would like to have a better idea of when the next page is coming, I have a twitter account at that I update now and again about how things are going.
Chapter 8!
And here's the start of chapter 8!
End of Chapter Seven!
...aaaaaaaand roll episode credits.

That brings Chapter 7 to a close! Thanks for sticking with me, especially when it took a ridiculous long time to complete (AUGH). Anyway, the next chapter begins the second half of the first arc of the story which is where the real fun begins, in my opinion.

Also, I was thinking of Livestreaming some of my comic-drawing in the future, maybe--if I did at a halfways-decent time of day, would you tune in? A lot of other artists do this, and talk about their process and just sort of chat with people watching the channel while they draw, and I thought that sounded like fun.
@Amethyst: I actually borrowed it from a folk song, "Savory, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme." :P I didn't even know there was a television series, although it doesn't surprise me, as references to that song seem to get around.

@Vye: ufufufu~
One page left.
2 pages.
@Jeshiideru: From what I've seen, canon is oddly contradictory in terms of the rest of the world. For example, the anime talks about South America at one point, and there are a couple other references to real-world places, while some of the manga never mention any outside world at all aside from the region it takes place in, and the geography is never really explained fully anywhere. For purposes of this comic, I'm, er, ad-libbing a little bit on some of those points.
Three pages to go.
Okay, I guess I fail
So I didn't finish out the chapter before the new year and then I got busy and forgot my tablet pen when I went back to school so I had to wait for it to ship to me.

But here is a page! Incidentally, there are now four pages left until the end of the chapter. Four very exciting pages.

Man, Hilaree just can't catch a break ever, really, poor girl. D: I mean, oi.

Looking forward to seeing all the other contest entries~!
Ah, the emotional ups and downs of being a preteen. Now there's something I'd never want to go through again.

The problem here is that both of them are stressed out and scared and tired and also eleven and twelve. Always fun.

I am determined to finish this chapter before the end of the year, so hopefully I'll be able to wrap the last few pages up and then get Chapter 8 started by New Year's. Yay!
@Mamo: This was always one of my favorite parts, too :D

@Vye: :3 I love me some lightning tone.

Yeah, that's Rose for you—nothing by half-measures. The thing about Rose is that she A) has a huge complex about being The Hero, B) hates "losing," a category in which she includes running away from a just fight, and C) has watched too much television. She's also projecting just a little bit...
Waha, the plot thickens :3 Suspense!

Also, glad to be reminded about the contest entry, I keep forgetting to send mine in. You'll get it soon.
Uh-oh, looks like there's a little friction in the dream team... what happens next? FIND OUT NEXT TIME.

ALSO: WE'RE BACK! And hopefully back to stay. I'm terribly sorry to have disappeared for so long, especially because I'm looking forward to the next bit of the comic that's coming. Thanks for sticking with me!
@Kelpy: alsdkjflaksdfjasd YES, ABSOLUTELY. I was hoping someone would notice Takada in the first frame. :D