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    Yankee doodle went to town....ridding on a pony.. *serious face*
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@moe2311: Oh yeah? Awesome lol ~ Pfffft that did sound rather Doctor Whoy XD WHAT HAS IT DONE TO ME!?
@AngelxEve: Oh? Well if you'd like to try it you should go ahead and do it ovo I was nervous at first too, since the only people I've ever rp'd with were like.. two friends haha But it's fun really ^v^ Though I've only got pokemon gijinka right now, but I've been thinking of doing an oc one as well.
@AngelxEve: Omg right! I want to make comics for smackjeeves and all but tumblr man... tumblr... AH!! *cries uncontrollably* It doesn't help that I've also an account that I RP on pfffft.
That's pretty darn cute lol~

But yes, OMG... I spend most of my days on tumblr, it's one of the few places I go alone these days lol It makes me forget about smackjeeves completely most of the time XP
@moe2311: Yes actually, I'm a bit Doctor Who fan, why do you ask?
@AngelxEve: HAHA that's definitely true ;v; for the longest time I had forgotten this place existed within time and space.
@AuthorizedInsanity: I've been away so long, Tumblr had sucked me in and refused to let me go haha.
@moe2311: Glad to see you too, and I hope to see more of you as well as I hope to get back to being active here.
OOPS... excuse me so I may make a comic to make up for the lack of me having not been on smackjeeves in forever ha ha...
Ok, it's been way too long since I've been on smackjeeves, so why not make a comic right? My first comic for here =V=... So Jedrek got there pretty early, and since it was night where he was he had missed out on sleep once getting around to here. So a nice nap was needed, until there was bunch of unnecessary loud noises from outside. I'm sure I'll make another one for Violet when I can ha ha.. and more from now on I promise *sobs*
ah he looks beautiful~
Oh man, I haven't been on smackjeeves in so long I've no idea what's going on ;v;
lol how cute XD

My god I haven't been on smackjeeves in a while, I need to start being more active here.
oh god I completely forgot about this collab :O!

I need to draw something herp derp
Now a better drawn picture of Jedrek for his own bio page as well XD


Name: Jedrek Wozniak

Species: Snow Leopard

Age: 21 (aged him a bit cause I felt like it lol)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Pet or Owner: Pet

History: Jedrek came from a very small, very boring village around the rather snowy regions of Russia, keeping to himself mostly but making sure him and his family were well together. Once reaching a certain age, though, he'd decided it was just about time to go out into the world and see what all he could see. Being a Snow Leopard humanoid didn't much help him, but he keeps a high head.


- Side of his face, forhead, all of his back, the back of his arms, and the back of his legs are covered in Snow Leopard print.

- Areas of skin were spot are located is a light grey.

- Enjoys wearing punk styled clothing.

- Has long claw-like fingernails.

- Loves cold and snowy weather.

- Very deep, thick Russian accent.
A better drawn picture of Violet XP For her very own bio page lol


Name: Violet Cheng

Species: Red Panda

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Pet or Owner: Pet

History: Growing up as a child in Hong Kong, China, she was raised by her parents to be honorable and honest, always to be someone others can trust. Violet's parents were also very strict, as many parents are, and didn't allow her much socialization as she grew up. They'd kept her at home mostly, to study and learn, which gave her a very shy yet friendly trait.


- Thick Asian accent.

- Always carries a pen and a pad of paper just in-case she needs to write something down.

- Loves to read anything from how-to-do books, to memorizing novels.

- When nervous she'll speak in her native language.
I haven't been on smackjeeves in such a long while I had almost forgotten about it XD;;

I like this page it's really pretty looking, I need to get my ass in gear and try making up a page as well. Though I'm drawing separate drawings for Violet and Jedrek for character bios XP

So away I go to go get shit done!
Go ahead, I'll get going with a page or so whenever I find it possible.
Get started on something then, I'm usually busy with a ton of things so it shall take a while for me to get something up.