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Hmm...about me? Am I really that fascinating? O.o Uh...well...I'm currently going to art school where the classes are boring and the assignments are lame...DX

I am Canadian! and proud of it!! :D

I love drawing and watching anime. I love making character designs!

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And then he runs off into the sunset.

Well, this is the last page. Thanks for reading it! :D Hope you enjoyed it. Perhaps one day I'll end up making another Kaoru adventure.

And no, you never actually get to find out what Random Bystander and Strong Woman's names are. XD
@Manga-Ka: Actually, sadly there is only 1 page left. Two of the pages I posted are technically a 2 page spread.
@LittleWolf: XD lol my bad...
lol sorry, I totally forgot to update last night. >.>;
@bluesox: LOL You have awesome friends. XD
Don't get use to the clean colouring XD It's only coloured like this because the assignment I did this comic for required two coloured pages. This and the next page are coloured like this and then it goes back to what it was before. :D
September 29th, 2011
@Manga-Ka: XD This is, I just can't count Thanks, I fixed it. XD
September 22nd, 2011
@Manga-Ka: lol He's calling the person whom he believes to be his boss. Though, it's really just a random person how has no idea who he is or why he keeps calling.
September 19th, 2011
@sakerumi: I use photoshop for everything. :)
September 18th, 2011
Glad to see you guys seem to be enjoying this so far.
September 16th, 2011
So I'm finally doing a comic on Smackjeeves. Hope you can get past the lazy artwork and enjoy it. :D
XXD I was hoping this would happen. LOL Best page ever.
Maybe it's just not working for me, but the picture in your link is way too tiny to see. Hope you can fix this cause I'd love to see it. :D
Haha, I love his expression in the 4th panel. XD
Heheh, they certainly don't waste any time. :D
Haha, I agree, that is indeed the best habit ever.
lol I bet he's very stealthy in an omnious oni mask. XD He sounds like a very interesting char. ^^
I love Avery's shadow. :D Great colouring too.

At first glance I thought that she was holding a scythe. XD lol Looks like she's used it once or twice before.
March 21st, 2010
The key to working through an art block is to stop trying so hard to force yourself to think of an idea and just draw EVERYTHING. You could draw your bed, your pencil, a broom, your cell phone...and gradually random ideas will start coming into your head and soon you'll find yourself drawing crazy things like an epic battle between dust bunnies and swifter mops! :D
Oh god! It's the evil squid! Aaaahhhaha...That is one creepy looking squid in the last panel...LOL.