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BWA will be taking a short break. We will resume on March 20!
@Alarack: Eventually this arm will fall off and then I'll finally have an excuse to upgrade
@JohnDoe: Thanks, man! I'll do my best!
I had to end this chapter here because it's the only place I could conceivably stop.

Blackwidow Apocalypse will be taking a short break! We will resume on December 5th. See you then!
@Arkwell: I dunno man. I just draw what I think would be cool or funny
@Arkwell: Thanks man! I'll do my best!
Welp, that's it for this one! I had a lot of fun drawing this chapter and I hope you enjoyed it.

BWA will be taking some time off so I can get my page buffer up again. See you two weeks from today!
@MostDangerousGeist: Oh hey, I recognize your screen name! Thanks for putting up with me for so long - there's still a lot more to go!

Also yay, someone finally noticed Getter Robo
@ Duo: Usually, contestants in the Bloodbath are there because they want to be there. There's not much point in joining if you don't want to participate!

But yeah, as you learn more about the Bloodbath it might occur to you that its rules sort of defeat the concept of a tournament. This is actually a plot point.
@Arkwell: Thanks!
Sorry for the delay! Ended up being pretty busy today.
@bigbadcreepyben: Thanks man! I'm really excited for some of the stuff that's coming up!
@ardent: There's a couple of similarities early on. Stick with it, it might still surprise you!
@cinderarcher: Whoops! Thanks for letting me know! It should be working now!
And we're back! The fight in this chapter is one I've wanted to do for a long time!
I had a lot of fun designing Zack's "revived" appearance (of course, he's not really Zack anymore - you'll find out more as the comic progresses), but I feel like I might have gone a bit overboard with him. Drawing this guy is gonna give me some headaches later on, I can feel it.

Anyway, that's the end of Chapter 14! Blackwidow Apocalypse will be taking a short break so I can build my buffer up again. Should be back in two Saturdays!
That's it for chapter 2! I'll be uploading big batches of pages off and on over the next few days.
Getting kinda tired now so I'll just shut up for a bit and let the next few pages speak for themselves
Chapter 2 marks the beginning of Blackwidow Apocalypse's first major arc. Having been introduced to Izzy in the last chapter, this next one focuses on exactly what makes her tick - and where she got those weird scars on her eye...
And with the appearance of a mysterious new character (who has giant sludge hands and eats referees, apparently) the first chapter of Blackwidow Apocalypse concludes! If you've read this far, thank you for following along with me on this retrospective commentary. I hope what you saw here his piqued your interest enough to come back - chapter 2 is where stuff really starts to get interesting.