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Hiyas! I'm not quite sure what to put here at the moment so when I think of somthing I'll let ya know! M'kay?
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I bow before you. Now why isn't the damn forward butto working?! Clickclickclickclick!
Oh, now that is beautiful! The second panel is just perfect! I love this!!! I envy you so very much.
Monday is actually spilling his heart out. Wow. More power to 'im.
Oh, Ren. Your just too damn hilarious.
Oh Keith, Your clueless and we love you for it.
November 15th, 2008
Oh, Jack. You poor poor boy. BEAT 'IM KRIS! BEST 'IM!!!
I guess lube. Am I right or am I right?
I thought the leopard print thong was hilarious. A stroke of genius. Though I'm sure a super-religous guy or girl had a heart attack over it. But how could anyone not like the comic? The art is so pretty!
Oh, Ren. You're drunker than a skunk.
Haha. I like him. Damn straight!
Wha--? No more? clickclickclick. No more pages?
Good luck with V-kay!

Oh ya!Popped the first-comment cherry!Who's yo' Mama!
Oh jeezus-mary-mother-oh-god. Froggy is far too cut for his own good. Can I keep him?
You go Andrew. I couldn't plan that thing for the life o' me. And everyone deserves a break. And I am still stuck on the fact that Jordan's now blonde. Still.
Ren:You understand right?

Monday: I will take your hug and snuggle, Ren, and raise asskicking!

I swear that is what'll happen. And Clover will be fuming at them the entire time.
Pretty pin-up Starboy in his smexy underoos. Please excuse me while I go get a tissue.
I agree with kirbyeverst. Monday is going to jump between them Mega-Pissed.
Awe, come on Clover. Please don't be mad. He just couldn't resist your very kissable self.
Tissues! I need tissues! The first panel is way too hot. Now seriously, I might die of blood loss.

By the by, we love you too, Lucid!
I'm going to have to disobey you about not saying anything. Pinapples! There, I said something. Now, I think the page is cute. Especially the second panel. She's serious about it! It made me laugh.