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Ohmigosh, Clermont.
I love all the big hair in this comic.
Well, if the others are gone...
You know, on the topic of "two amas"... "ama" is one of the Japanese readings for both 天 "sky" and 雨 "rain". It's fitting.
@artofjoe: Nothing can save her, but Cottoneye Joe?
Who I imagine will make an appearance in some form or another soon.
Forever, and yet they still only just know him!
It was nice of them to throw a whole wedding; I wonder if they could've gotten away with the typical fairy tale kiss?
Is that battle damage? Either she's a victorious combatant, or she's someone regularly called on to perform death rites., I think. Stratoversian culture seems very *direct*, so I bet they just have the winner say the words to save time for more combat.
Ahh! Every page of this is a treasure to read. I'm glad you're back!