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I totally meant to say, “so rapey and so precious” 🙄
@Ralend so proper and so precious
Mmm, this is how epidemics start
Some scars never heal
That hat... 😒 I’m over it
Huston, we found his kryptonite
So adorable
I am really enjoying how your comic is starting out. I also like your drawing style. Thank you for sharing this with us and I look forward to reading more.
Huff huff... I’ve finally caught up!
Really? Your checking the spelling? Is this something we are asked to do?
@Kevin_Redcrow: ahh... I see what you did there
@kippydraw: you can always tell when you’ve drawn a successful post. The comments are numerous. Love Alex’s flirty expressions!
Panel 3 or 4... IDK, but with an islander would look at me that way
My wish
Wish there was a way to like the artist’s comment
May 19th, 2018
You had
You had my attention, but now you have my interest!
Oh for f’s sake!
Gah, my panties are damp
So many...
“So many dicks...”
Just squealed a little! Who knew glasses had it in him? 😏