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I am a person with a lot of confidence as well as lots of fear and insecurity.
Most of my spare time I spend it in drawing and gaming with friends.
Sometimes I spend it in my own big world where everything is possible, where I can make my own stories and bring it to life.

This site is an excellent opportunity for me to share it with the world!
Thankyou! <3
Karma... ;p
Big onesss!! <3
Hahaha.. Both... xd
I am glad you are enjoying the comic! <3
Do you mean Bruno? I have introduced him in "Bonding Tides Holidays Special" Check it out!

Hint: Marc's ex is Fiona... And ahem... She is on this page... ;p
She is also featured in "Bonding Tides Holidays Special!"
Red Haired Hottie: I'm the second prince of Aquador! How dear you address me as such..!

hahaha jk ;p
Hahaha I know right?! she is so sweet!!! <3
It's almost Valentine's day! I hope that you all are having a wonderful day both the couples and the singles! <3
Everything will make sense eventually... <3
Isn't she?? <3<3<3
Oeh I see... ;p
YAY! please take good care of him... Don't let anyone hurt him... *Turns on evil face*
Let's give this another shot...

Happy Newyear Everyone <3

Thanks for the feedback.
I am just trying things out.
I am glad that you enjoy my comic!

But I am pretty sure you're able to zoom in by double tap the screen.