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Well we'll...
I wanted to wait till the whole chapter was done but life ya know so I'm going back to two pages a week hopefully pfft.
Got me all hyped... So when is the next update?
Aww I liked the first run through better.
I agree with the others your art is just superb.
Simply wonderful I really like your style can't wait to see what happens next!
Love your work especially the way the characters naturally emote.
Gearbox has something for all pfft.
Working out screen tones with this page.
And so I did a color page
Sorry for my style being more suited for animation rather than a comic but thought I'll do it anyway lol. Additionally because I read alot of manga I prefer black and white grayscale.
Got tired lol
Got wore on the last panel...just wanted it to be over lol.
My first comic
This is my first web comic I'm studied animation but wanna do something else as well.