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Comment on Another Day at the Office of Magipunk
kotor, 18 Dec 2014 04:39 pm
Just another day at the office with Candy for a boss.
Comment on Warm Welcome of Magipunk
kotor, 15 Dec 2014 09:09 am
I'm glad you guys enjoyed the return of 'Professor Bubble Brain' last week! I will eventually get to exploring HK's backstory in a little more detail, and we'll find out more about the school when we get that far.

In the meantime, enjoy this short cliffhanger - on Friday we're back to Runt and Candy for a little while.
Comment on Educated of Magipunk
kotor, 12 Dec 2014 03:19 pm
This comic is what I like to call a shower comic.

Some comics are carefully planned over weeks or months. This one popped into my head while I was in the shower this morning.

I was going to advance the plot today, but then I thought, heck, nobody reads Magipunk for the plot!
Comment on Nothing to Worry About of Magipunk
kotor, 08 Dec 2014 08:19 am
So I'm lying in bed at about 11pm on Friday night.

And I suddenly realise.

I'd never finished Friday's comic.


I'm sorry guys. As I've said before, with all the freelance cartooning I'm doing, drawing meerkats riding horses and comics about writing novels, Magipunk is a lot further down the list of priorities than I'd like.

One day I'll get a Patreon set up and if I can get enough supporters, Magipunk can gain legitimacy. But at the moment it's difficult to get everything done just for paying work, let alone freebie projects like this. I'm determined to keep Magipunk going though.

Little note on today's comic: I wrote a lot more dialogue, but realised a bit late that there was so much going on in every panel that it didn't all fit. Silly me. That's a pretty rookie mistake.
Comment on Karma Gonna Get Ya Too of Magipunk
kotor, 17 Nov 2014 12:18 pm
Why tease a woman on a shooting spree? Mr Orthodontist, you have nobody to blame but yourself.
Comment on Better to be Sure of Magipunk
kotor, 14 Nov 2014 06:05 am
I am so sorry for missing another update on Monday. My freelance work is building up, and while that's good for my bank balance, it's less great for Magipunk. Plus I'm attending Leed Thought Bubble comic convention over the weekend and most of last week was spent finishing a new comic book for it. I'll give you a preview next week.

Congratulations to Feanix, by the way, for guessing Candy's plan. I'll have to tell her that she's becoming too predictable.
Comment on Seeing Double of Magipunk
kotor, 07 Nov 2014 05:58 pm
This comic was originally uploaded earlier today, but it seems to have gone missing due to some technical issues with Smackjeeves. But now it's back! And the peasants rejoiced.
Comment on Copyleft of Magipunk
kotor, 03 Nov 2014 12:25 pm
I was struggling to figure a punchline for this one, and then Runt started on a legal rant and I just let him do his thing. Considering Runt and Candy started as a Star Wars parody comic, I enjoyed the irony.

There's been some maintenance going on with SmackJeeves lately, so if the site goes wibbly over the next few days, that's why. Should all be fixed soon.
Comment on Dummy wants a Mummy of Magipunk
kotor, 24 Oct 2014 05:50 am
Today's comic is brought to you by "Oh no! I saved over the old file and I don't have a backup!" Or, why last Friday's comic now only exists at lo-res.
Comment on It's a Really Nice Hat of Magipunk
kotor, 19 Oct 2014 02:56 pm
Phew. Getting on top of this whole Magipunk a bit. Actually finished this one Sunday night, instead of Monday afternoon.

Did you guys see Friday's update? Because there was one.

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