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Very moody and atmospheric! I love it!
October 28th, 2016
Magipunk is not dead!

Life is busy at the moment. I'm self employed, which means working some pretty crazy hours, plus I'm trying my best to be a good husband and father to my one year old daughter. I'm also desperately trying to get a YouTube channel off the ground, so there's a lot of pressure on my time.

Updates are going to be slow over the coming weeks and months, but I'm still determined to keep Magipunk going. Eventually, things will quieten down for me, at which point I'll be able to commit to a more solid update schedule, but in the meantime, I'm going to push new comics out as and when I can spare the time.

Believe me when I say that not a week goes by that I don't feel guilty about not giving Magipunk more attention. Please be patient with me as I strive for a better work/life balance.

I make no apologies this week for the delay in comics. My house got broken into last week, and I've taken some time off as a result.

I will, however, apologise for all the other comic updates I've missed for this and last month. That's pretty lame of me, but having a baby drains a lot of my time.

Everything's still a bit sucky, but here's a comic anyway.
I'll be honest, this comic was delayed by two weeks because I really didn't want to have to draw that bear.
Cassandra's gained a lot of confidence since she realised she can make her problems go away just by looking at them.
I wonder if they'll run afoul of flesh-eating monsters at any point soon?

Nah, I'm sure everything will be fine.
A quick Google search revealed that there's also a children's daycare in Kent, England called Flutterbies - this is completely coincidental.
Hey guys, long time no see!

So things are still pretty crazy for me at the moment, finding the time to draw Magipunk is getting harder and harder, as you might have noticed.

My question to you: would you prefer if I post other, unrelated comics on update days when I don't have a Magipunk ready, just to make sure there's content? Or would you prefer for the comic to only update when there's more Magipunk?
That'll teach Mr Tabbykins for trying to steal back his stolen spaceship.

Or maybe it'll teach him to be nicer to ghosts. Who knows?
Here's a fun fact: do you see that Runt statue on the Orthodontist's shelf?

I put that there as a little hint that Runt would eventually get turned to stone. It's one of many little bits of foreshadowing I snuck into the first chapter of the comic.
Today's comic is sponsored by my birthday, which was on Monday, and is the reason there wasn't a comic on that day.
Finally, I have found a way to combine all of my great loves into one comic strip: pirates, spaceships, and Chinese food.
Sorry for the lack of comics last week, I was super sick all week and basically just lay down dead for most of it.
Sometimes I think the most entertaining Runt and Candy adventures are the ones we don't get to see...
Woohoo! Two updates this week! Well done me.
April 18th, 2016
It took way too long to set this joke up.

This update schedule isn't working, you guys. I'm not sure what to do. Bear with me as I try to figure out a better way of updating regularly.
Gonna fix that last panel's speech bubble tomorrow.
Today's comic is dedicated to that guy over there who's curled up in a ball, silently weeping from exhaustion.

Oh wait, that guy is me.
Apologies for the lack of update over the long Easter weekend. I had family visiting and didn't get a chance to do any comicking.
Morning comes quickly on San Hong Kong because of all the tall buildings and mountains.