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This is killing me
Is he telling the cops everything.
So adorable
Yay I miss you
Poor guy
I just found this. This is so cute and love the art work.
JD why I like Josh but just why
No comment
RULE 3 Say in doors at night dangerous creatures will try to kill you especially H you are real wanting to die.
Oh no it's H what did he say not to do around H your dead man I hope not
We know
Me :Will they go out already this is driving me cray.
Friend: drink some tea and wait. Me: how can I... Like come on they sleep together.
Friend: gives me tea
Me: okay okay I won't be happy about it.
Friend : drinks tea good.
Yes honey you just spent the night nothing else but you did drink a lot
I really love this comic.
OOOHHH NNNOOo this can go good or bad quick.
The art is so cool
So cute
You are asking to be dead
"you basterd as you wish " lol
Oh no the eyes