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I'm Crystalbear. I'm mainly an avid video gamer, which are often the height of my interests and focus in artwork.

My game interests includes things such as Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Mega Man, Ace Attorney, Street Fighter, and some others. I also like a select few anime and manga series, mostly works done by Osamu Tezuka. I also like some Disney Renaissance movies, especially of Hunchback of Notre-Dame and The Lion King.

My DeviantArt profile is,
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Finally at last, Eric is beginning to realize just what an idiot-looking OC he has made, by essentially becoming his clone.

On the other hand, this would be good for sci-fi and comic conventions.
I don't blame them with the clowns. It's a genuine fact that clowns cannot grow hair, so they steal cotton candies from the abundant fields to substitute it. Nasty clown cotton candy snatchers, they are the scum of the imaginary world.
Evil? What evil? All I see is some good old fashioned tough love... with hooligan antics thrown into the mix.

Once the epic showdown at world's end begins, then I will call out evil.
Isn't she just a ray of sunshine.
I have to admit, Deffwish/Darkblade here is looking cooler and cooler. If I didn't like Luffinpuff more and if Deffwish wasn't so potentially evil, I'd want him as my own imaginary friend.

Except less Gary Stu-like.
Perhaps this is biased of me to say, but I declare MtRC to be one of the greatest comics ever created. I have read many comics before, but only a few of them by a few respected individuals have ever graced this level of perfection, and this would be one of them. Unlike many other comics and stories I've read, this one actually has a point to it. A meaningful one, and it's just so packed with power and feeling behind it. I admit that I didn't catch all of the symbolism, as I'm quite the slow fool lol, but the ones I did really struck a chord with me. The expressions... the yellow ribbon and it repairing the dogtags... and the life seen in what is otherwise perceived as dead. This comic is truly amazing, and beautiful.

I admit that at first I was reluctant to read, because I don't normally go for lengthy comics, especially when I find them too late and they already have many pages, and I kept telling myself to save it for later. Well, I'm glad that I finally gave it a chance. Though I would have loved the comic all the same even if I started earlier.

I also really relate to Sonia... In some ways, she reminds me very much like myself, to the point where I might even say she has the same kind of dysfunction I have actually. I'm not quite as forgetful as she is/was, but the reminder is still there. I felt a good connection, and seeing her help and be helped was really moving.

All in all, this is a great comic. You should feel proud for making this, and I certainly respect you for the amount of work you've done. Truly I don't think I shall find another comic quite like this one. Good luck in your efforts on getting this published. More people should read this art.
I feel a lot of power in that final panel. Emotional power. Here is a man who has endured so much in his life, a living hell that perhaps none of us could ever truly comprehend, and here he is saying that he is okay. And not just because of the robbery-turned-attack, but everything. Something that which he once felt was impossible, but made possible through Sonia. And you can also see that desperation in his eyes. Mixed with the thunder, a sure sign that the rain will finally come... this is a really powerful moment in the comic.

I'm nearly through reading this comic, but I'll say now that I really love how you managed to capture such moments like this. There is power to this story, and I find this really respectable. You should feel proud for making this comic.
I didn't realize it until now, but might Sonia's yellow ribbon perhaps be a symbol of the yellow ribbons today of supporting troops? Seeing it tied around his arm like that, it just made me think of it.
If he didn't look like such a cyberpunk 80's post-apocalypse pirate, he'd probably be a pretty darned respectable video gamer.
Well, certainly wasn't expecting that.
Colonel Luffinpuff... So we finally meet...
I just discovered this comic a couple of days ago and finished reading it to this point. And I must say, this has been one of the most enjoyable and hilarious Sonic comics I've seen in a while. Definitely looking forward to more.

Suddenly it seems as if the world of SSBB makes sense now...
Ooh, history. Can't wait for the rest. I always liked reading on character backstory, and this is certainly the chapter most fitting for it.
I'm instantly reminded of WILD MAN from that Robot Chicken short.
@remington: Ehh, you'd be surprised.
You couldn't get a Crobat even if you wanted to in FR/LG anyway. It requires the National Dex, and it'll actually prevent a Golbat from evolving into one until the Pokedex actually is upgraded. It's disappointing and kind of bull-crap that way, but it's how it is.
Well, on the plus side, at least they'll be ready to go to that local concert.
I demand burritos too.
So begins our heros' doomsday...
Oh my god, I was wondering why we haven't seen him before during the testimonies. This is ten times worse than hearing his words.