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@Scruffyvee Lol,love the new icons for guest. Keep up good work AC!
@YOU BETTER AWNSER: good job you idiot, she cancelled it until further notice, you happy yet?
Cancelled Comic
Ello Ello! I have come to say that this comic being cancelled.
You might be wondering "Gee, cancelled? Wonder why" *or you guys don't care at all, lel*
Yes, cancelled because of lack of motivation and..personal stuff >->

But don't worry! Most of these characters will make some appearance in the future! *I hope*
Be it on my DeviantArt or Tumblr!

*yes, I could do request. Just tell me*

Anyways, school is starting very very soon! Like, the last week of this month soon! *laughs nervously*

But for now, Toodles!!! *pets everyone who actually looks at this and gives them cookie*

I...honestly can't really blame Harmony
I would be acting like her instead of Dusk. Especially if it was to get my point across

*insert all the hate comments attacking me*
Note: don't mess with logic Sol
@Pinkeevee222: no wonder I felt that something was different •>•
@Guest: well, considering I'm nowhere near my usual drawing area. Giselle is supposed to take over again for a little
@SeahDaLunatic: IKR AAAAHHHHHHH *dies*
@LuckyPuppie: I know it to, my friend
Oops, messed up on Dusty's bandana (I forgot to add the white)

You should look at the alt-text~
@Dusty: boi I have finals to worry about
So, Dusty doesn't need much convincing! Especially if its from his lady friends >w> kek
*read the story* I cried
I actually somehow cried qwq
Lazy page
Oops, this is like
Last minute quality right here

Anyways May the 4th be with you!!!
Soooooooo, i'm back. Taking control of the comic once again. Also huzzah for new art style!

Also hey, I got an ask-blog on Tumblr, you should check it out. That way when I get an ask, I can draw it out in hopes of art style improving!