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I like art, I guess
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Man I just hate it when that happens to me
(Also I love these colors man holy moly)
Is Plastic Kings still canon or no
*blustering* I can’t believe you PRANKED US with this friggan,,,,, blank screen and called it an “update” gosh dangit I’m dying to see the rest of this beautiful creation
Then Perish
Sir that’s my emotional security beanie
Happy birthday to you and Lisa!!! I love this comic so much and I’m so excited for the next update ♥️
ciytfiytfoyufouygluygjlhgljhggy I’m dying this is so good
I love?? How you draw them???
Only a few pages in and this is already my favorite thing
This is so in-character ytfhgjfuthkgfjy I love it
This whole thing: a mood
There is. So much going on in this page I love it
*chanting* Our big-eared ghost boy... he is Here...
I doubt Ha-neul had a single mean bone in his body tbh
Whoa Daniel got a New Look (TM)
they’re like. perfectly lined up. how
Howmst do you make panels so e v e n
September 21st, 2018
September 14th, 2018
I love how his hair gets progressively less neat as he goes deeper into the void of Breakdown