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twitter: @berryblue222
cts: Vanilla~Dream
dA: Crazed-Blue
wiki: Berryleaf
discord: vanilla#1961
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@Cauldron: Welcome to the community!
Just 10 minutes ago this preview was an image of the future, but now it was posted in the past.
This journey may have ended, but soon another one will begin. Portal is on the way.
Only one more comic left for this season. Still hard to believe we're pretty much done.
Charity, I wanna be yo endgame...
Jeannie is so pure and awesome. But the best answer so far...that's Quickscope.
I gotta say, I did miss these guys.
@MechanicalMind: Sounds like a good DVD cover to me.
Congrats Ollie! A surprising winner indeed, I don't think I ever could've called this from the beginning of the season. He's not my favorite, but I can't deny he was pretty instrumental in some of the late game story, so he at least had something going for him.

My question is for my girl Jahira.

"Do you have any regrets in this game, and how well do you think you could've done had you not drawn the bad rock?"
Love the Jeff Probst disappearing gag in these. One of the best.

Anyways, yeah, I think Ollie won this. Wouldn't have seen it coming from the way this season started, that's for sure.
Still a tough one to call, but I'd consider Josh out of the running by now. Jenny and Ollie are bombing on their own right, but...yeesh, not that bad.
This jury does not look pleased.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Each coin is actually exactly enough currency to purchase one Simple Plan CD.
Iguana bee the very best that no Juan ever was...
I like her better seeing that she didn't win I guess. Mixed overall, but she had a good sendoff and some funny lines.
I think it will be Mele tonight.
She definitely needed it this time. But who will suffer the consequences?
I placed 17th on Season 17.

Good Fallen Comrades comic as usual! Nice to hear from everyone again.
Fallen Comrades is always one of my favorite comics. Looking forward to this one.