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Get Josh to flip! It could happen.
If Ollie cuts you with a machete, is he ejected from the game? I mean a million dollars is a million dollars...
Parm/GB were fun, it was interesting to see how a duos team worked in survivor and they weren't too OP considering they both made up for eachothers' weaknesses.

Anyways, it's time for Jeannie to pull through and win this! I...don't think her odds are actually that great, but I'm still holding out hope because she's by far the most amazing character left in the game. Not too many tribals left though...we'll see how this plays out.
Damn good play from Jeannie and Jenny on this one, sucks that it didn't work out. If we're lucky, maybe Ollie or Mele will leave after all.
Gotta admit this was a good plan from Jenny here. Not sure how it'll end up working out though...
Jeannie can shapeshift as well? I thought she could only change others. Either way, it looks like Ollie caught a lucky break this time.
I guess Raiza is really enjoying Ponderosa. Good for her! I'm sure this will boost morale for Josh as well.
Looks like we'll be seeing a bit more Raiza!
If this takes the heat off Jeannie, even temporarily, I support it.
Jeannie, you're as fake as those things on your chest.
It's a start. We'll see if this ends up going anywhere between the two of them.
Yeah, kinda figured this was Kade's curtain call but he leaves a great villain. Though this does make me wonder who will bring the greatest source of antagonism in these final episodes. I'm sure someone will step up to fill the role.

I'll be rooting for Jeannie to win from this point forward. Go Jeannie!
Kade's got the fake ring, calling it now. Kinda sucks because I'd much rather he stays over Ollie or Mele but it looks like this outsiders group is one that will last.
Awesome challenge. Cool to see Jeannie win this one too, though I'm still rooting for Kade over Ollie or his cohorts at this point.
Ouch, that's some hard hitting news for Mr. Spicer. I do feel for him though and now I want him to bounce back from this.
Glad to see Jeannie is coming up with some good planning to get back at Kade when she can. Though, I'm still a fan of Kade as well, so whether this plan is a success or not I'll be happy.

I don't know much about Bass but I like him already.
There really aren't that many people left now, huh? Anyways, it looks like this worked out for mostly the best. Josh doesn't have to deal with his asshole brother, and the rest get to have varying relationships with their loved ones.
Ditto. Also RIP any Jenny is trans theories.
Haven't seen a trick like this played before on the show but in this case I suppose it worked. Still rooting for Kade though, I hope he can find some other way out of this situation...