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I wasn't super big on Kitsunie especially after that one comic but I can appreciate the role he played in the story given he left early.

Unfortunately this leaves my two favorite girls on the bottom here so their safety ultimately relies on either P. Body winning immunity or a serious change in tribe dynamics...but given how things have developed in this tribal, I fear they could be endangered.

Nayla in particular is such a great character. I feel most people don't really 'get' her yet but if she is to stick around I'll be looking forward to her future development.
As much as I hate to see Claire in a position of power Kitsunie pretty much burned all good will I had towards him in that Yessi comic so if he goes, I wouldn't care too much.

Favorites on this tribe right now are Nayla, Shin, and Yessi.
Clarissa is an absolute badass! Too bad Claire is still kinda lame, lol. "/

Not sure who could go home but I doubt Ethan is nin as much danger as he should be.
Nayla is so awesome, so it's disappointing people don't like her for being a girl with a personality other than being nice...

Claire, Sag, and Deimos on the other hand, not my cup of tea. Let's hope if they do flip the tribe that it'll be on Kitsunie since I like everyone else on that side much better.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: It happened to Jacquie, it could happen to you!
Ethan is probably playing this the best way he could.
Quite the shakeup...
Holy crap leave her alone dudes.

It's too bad Shin took off because I think he could've broken this up.
Okay, good to know Clarissa's sabotage was intentional. I'd be kind of disappointed that she's the reason Lady Bit got off the show, but it's not like she was without reason.

Kasai might be my next favorite on this tribe. Gotta love the shit stirrers.
We love Lady Bit! And just to be a contrarian, I'll say that I will miss her, cuz she's just my brand of humor.
"I believe Lulla Bye the Purple Bunny doesn't know how close she is to winning the Friend-A-Thon tonight" said Sam the Squirrel.
@Guest: Claire didn't have good intentions with Nayla, she just wanted to learn more about her for her own ego since she likes being in control, as evidenced by her future self that's the same way but a little more blatant about it.
Ugh, Claire has the same self-serving ego problems that bugged me with Jenny at the beginning of last season.

She is so appalled that her allies E.T. and Shin wouldn't vote out whoever she wants so she goes behind their backs again to play ball with another group altogether. Why is anyone supposed to trust her when she's running circles around the entire tribe every episode?

I really like Shin but I hope he figures her out before it's too late.
Pretty sure Clarissa punching the screen was another one of Lady Bit's controlling actions, cause she looked pretty shaken up.

Will the tribe find that out though if Clarissa is unable to speak? We'll see...
Claire is kind of pathetic, does she really feel entitled to Nayla's feelings and secrets after she ran around selling people out left and right last episode, largely to the detriment of Nayla? So if I was Nayla, I wouldn't want to be connecting with her either.
Lady Bit is a fucking goddess, why aren't these dumb bitches bowing down to her?
Eh, Deimos can go. This majority is all the people I like.
Both of these friendships seem interesting, but I am most curious as to if Kasai and Ernest will ever work together.
Nayla is so fucking righteous. <3