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Parmesan- I'm an MLP fan to some extent, so it's always fun to see another rep pop in. Not sure if he'll do as well as Alleio or Sunflower, but anything could happen.

Quickscope- I am like, the WORST at Call Of Duty, but I've always found it an interesting franchise. Quickscope looks like someone I'll be looking forward to, he's ripe and ready for action. I think he will do well.

Raiza- Sure to provide some OTTM fun for as long as she lasts, and I really have no idea how long that will be. She could go really far as a big polarizing character this season, or could be an early boot for her unpredictable attitude.

Tony- Is he a cop, too? Interesting to see a Family Guy character here, especially one that's a dog, I guess he must be like Brian in that sense. I do hope he's like Wrecker, since I was a big fan of Wrecker in 7, but he could go either way.

Ultimately, there's very few clear lines of who will go early and who will go deep, so I'm thinking this will be a vastly unpredictable season, and luckily, it seems to be soon to begin. Until the 27th, y'all!
Nice to see Paine again, I enjoyed him in 11 especially because Calvin and Hobbes was a big part of my childhood.

Mele- She seems fun and interesting, possibly a lot like Ker but seeing as how Jeff mentioned her being snarky she might not be as positive as she first appears. We'll see about this one. Personally I'm not a fan of Dangan Ronpa, but seeing as how node rarely has an impact on the character themselves I'm sure I could enjoy her.

Naomi- Used to play a lot of Town of Salem when it was new, though I got kinda bored of it after a while and it can be a very frustrating game. Anyways, Naomi seems like she could be a hidden force that make come out as an evil mastermind ala Shaega somewhere down the road, but I could be wrong.

Nezumi- I was JUST talking to Vult earlier about Geena and the Cursed Stream of the Drowned Girl so it's quite a funny coincidence to see her being a Ranma 1/2 rep. I think she has the potential to go far if she can learn to work with other people.

Ollie- I found the whole "Five Nights At Freddy's" craze really annoying when it came out, but since its popularity died down a bit I guess I don't mind seeing him here. While I don't think he will last, he could be interesting for a couple episodes or so, though I hope he doesn't try to kill anybody.

Glad to see the return of the 15 comic premiere, Jeff's right about the large casting diversity and I think it'll be fun to see how all of these personalities intertwine.
Josh: Hmmm, seems familiar. I see him being put in a similar position as Spinfur, but if he can find a way to save himself from being seen as weak too early in the game he could go far.

Joy: I love her design, and I think she is someone that can surprise all of us.

Kade: Glad to see a character from AA despite me not playing it, but it may make for some interesting tribal debates "OBJECTION!", anyone?

Lester: He seems like he could be funny, but unfortunately for him a negative attitude could read for an early boot unless he can tone it down and get in the numbers early on.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Damn, and I thought I had a bad day. Hope you're feeling better now Gary!
@ChronoAlone: >Implying that Tapioca is not the flawless star that she so clearly is.
Great to see Shaega again as I believe I've expressed in the past how he's my favorite of his season.

Derrick H.- Interesting to see that he's the only parent on this season, but I doubt he'll have trouble fitting in if he's seen as the "cool dad" by his tribe.

Jahira- I watched the premiere of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a while back and it was alright, haven't continued it since but that's mostly because I've been watching other things. Anyways- I think she will do OK on the Eccentrics tribe but once a swap hits she could be in trouble.

Jeannie- Unfortunately she will probably be taken advantage of by her team, but I could see her coming up with ways to take their wishes anyway she wants to (as being tricked by a genie seems to be a common trope.)

Jenny- The puzzle girl of the beast tribe! I'm not sure how she will do, I could see her using her wit to go far or maybe being one of the first voted out because of it.

With every release we get a bit closer to the season itself! Loving this cast so far- and will stay posted for Wednesday!
The first cast release is here!

Amadeus- I think he will go early, he will probably try to control his tribe like Pikmin and will be frustrated when they don't respond that way.

Charity- CP Girl who goes far. High hopes for her.

CutieCat- I love that she may have a bit of a "quirky" personality, and while normally I think that would make her an outcast, being on a tribe of eccentrics means she might fit right in.

Derek L- Looking forward to what he does in the game; I could see him being targeted pre-merge for reasons similar to Daisuke, but if he makes it past that stigma his strength and popularity may carry him into the merge.
@Guest: Something like this does seem very likely. With so many people on one tribe striving to be leader, there's bound to be a lack of communication that could cost them early on.
The journey begins! Loving this casting diversity and am definitely excited to follow the season.