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My name is Krysta, but others also know me as Kit-Kat.

I love to draw, as it's one of my favorite hobbies that I'd like to keep forever, and someday make a career out of it. (Long way to go, but I'm willing to make an attempt out of it.) It works as a good stress reliever as well, I find.

Current Projects:

Your Heart, My Body- *Being rewritten!*
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Sorry if you can't read what they're saying. xD Rushed all over.... I need to go to bed. 4am....
So it's true! Your Heart, My Body is getting fresh, new pages and starting new.

I've changed some characters appearances, and still tweaking with some features.

I've just made it's own tumblr page, here.

So if you're still interested in the story, or whatever, go there, and take a look at some pictures.
(I still need to work on the layout. I'm also uploading this lamearse announcement on there.)
February 27th, 2014
Daddy-universe needs to get laid. :3
I think I'm the only one who see's Kaeru being all, "Get me outta this dress, or Goldie gets it."
Hi guys, it's been a veeeery veeeeery long time.
This comic isn't updating, but, I have been trying to work on the story lately. I'm not sure when I'll be creating stories, buuut I'll be sure to drop a post/link whenever I create some sort of buffer. I know I keep saying that, but these guys are still my babies, and I'd love for them to come back to life.
Nnnnoooooooo The next button poofed!
Weird... My name is the same spelling as BananaMuffinPop. I know a fellow "Krysta" they have an "I"
I'd like to see their mom and dad's story. :)
This is, unfortunatly what it is. This is a hiatus. I should have posted this a while back, but for the situation I'm in, I won't have time to work with YHMB, and it may be restarted as well. I'm still switching back and forth whether I should, or not; However, if I do decide to restart, this version will stay, and the new version will have it's own profile.

I'm still posting random doodles, and if your interested, heres my dA.

Thank you for reading, and sticking around. <3 I hope to return soon.
I think I'm going to be in slight denial that the story is over, haha.

But thank you for sharing this with us!
Liam made my day...
I love this story even more now, and I'm bummed out that it's getting close to the end. :(
May Edward's punishment BEGIN!
Your seme days are overrrrr.
My goodness!
He looks more manly than Richard!
Poop this page.
I need more practice with action lines.

I'm also not to fond of this page. >:[
I hope a dog comes up from behind, and chews off one of Utisz boney legs. >:(
Page is so... BLANK.
I redid this page so many times. It just didn't wanna go. It still doesn't, but I'm happier with this page. (More or less.)

EDIT: Forgot the sound affects. And they're spelt wrong.... 'Cuz I'm cool like that. XD

And I did it differently again. OTL

If you like, pop by at and ask me, or the characters questions. Anything. Like, "Why are Flamingo's pink?" or something. I reanswered the three (only questions) that were there... because I was bored... xD

And new goal: Making sure I don't ever see a, "1 month, since updated" again... Let's see how that goes. XD



P!K- Really? He seems to be looking more girlier for me. But I'm glad he has, at least, a little male dignity showing. xP

It was a short gameplay, but thats because I was glued on it, but I'd personally say it was one of the best franchise.
I'm alive. Sorta. Playing KH:BBS. I'll try and get more pages done, since I'm already just about finished with it. XD

Also, I have deleted the fillerz, so it's not spamming.
I think Eila's face ate her glasses.
Last Panel= I'mma seme him up the butt.
Oh Sebastian, this kind of thing thrills you, doesn't it? You silly crab you.
Rats... I can't buy anything on the internet...

But, you'll do great, I'm sure of it. Best of luck to you! You can do eeeet~!