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Well, obviously since I joined here I'm a fan of webcomics :P Starting one of my own, it'll be posted soon. I love to draw, write, play video games until I get a headache (big zelda fan especially, and really caught up in all things Professor Layton related) and play D&D. I rp online a lot in general. And my pokemon card collection is ever growing :P
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Aw, Jing is wearing a disguise? lol I thought he looked good as the nerd.

Paris, Van Aerden, you two need some excercise lol Fabulous page, love it.

And the Souffle Battle is awesome. Drama lol
Oh man Skye, the ponce is going to eat you alive lol Even Van Aerden is terrified.

And what's in Paris' hand? Something v-shaped.... lol a hair clip maybe? XD
ohhhh the burning pain of it all lol Skye vs Paris in an arguement... This is priceless already lol
yay^^ Skye standing up for somebody, I'm astounded (I look forward to them replying to this, it will not end well for Skye I bet lol) But I like that he stood up for Jing, they seem like they could get along quite well^^

... and Paris called Jing dearie. That's hilarious XD