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Sick, twisted, peverted, sadistic, insane and a total nut job. I like anoying people and finding the sick and twisted.

Favorite horror show? the news
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Cave in!
The Digletts have ruined any structual integraty the cave had, and now it will collapse on them, killing everyone there.
. . . . Still better then some reboots that I have seen. Oh, Gods, WHY DID YOU LET THEM MAKE THOSE REBOOTS?
*Curls up whimpering in remembered horror*
Nah. The real reason is that they are faking it. If we knew they could work man made stuff, we would have more firmly enslaved them and force them to do more work.

Right now they are bidding their time until they can sort out internal issues before going for all out way, and destroying the humans who found a way to enslave them!
. . . . I've had stranger teachers
Might have a chance
The werewolf will most probably die, depending on if the load in the bullets is silver.
However, he warned the woman and if he hasn't attacked anyone, he might have a chance for Heaven.
@Darth AWQ: or in some cases "Boared to Death" or "Bored by Death"
Now, THAT is what I call a lifetime warranty!
Why wait
@namtap032892: Some Xmas stuff is creepy enough, people use them for Halloween in Australia.
It's normal
Ask a school kid to tell you what they did in their assignments, and they won't be able to remember either
@Browser: Nobility has nothing to do with Politics
@aqua: Like [url=]these?[/url]
Fun fact
@Redgeneral: A nice fun fact about magic is that if you can get something to bear your symbol, like wearing your name stitched into your shadow, then you have power over it.
The more willingly they take up your sign, the stronger the power you have over them.
2 shapes of Budda and a sad irony
In the area around India (which is mainly Hindu), Buddha is depicted as a thin, fit man who is emotionally reserved. Often as a young man at that. In Asia (where most of his followers come from), expressly around Japan, he is depicted as a jolly fat man.
Guess which is the more fitting?

Then consider the fact he was around his mid thrities before he achieved enlightenment

In a sad bit of irony, the oldest known statues of Buddha were in Afghanistan, and soon before the Taliban was attacked and collapsed, a film crew asked for and got permission to film the statues and record them. The crew tried to immortalise the statues. This however, probably reminded the Taliban about them and before they retreated from the are shelled the place to rubble.
. . . What I can see happening
Equality movements will weigh in. People will claim the classes teach children that being gay, lesbian or bisexual and is discrimitory.
Women rights activists will claim the bible teaches sexism.
Different religions will claim it is religous descrimination and insist thir own religions are taught instead.
No need to wait
According to Christian fundamentalists, including the ones running some schools, it is!
@man in black: Yeah, the monster now is
What to do?
B followed by A
@man in black: Getting his attention to offer him a beer wouldn't be bad.
The jock at the bar who likes being pushy may think otherwise.
Just cats?
Just cats? I think not. Trust me, kids can be much worse when a meal is a little bit late.

Thank Darkness I have yet to spawn any of my own.
Other lines
Here's another thing to check
"Has an origin story of his own."
"Recorded evidence of his actions exist"
"Legally exists" (Godzilla is a registered trademark and thus legally exists)